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Last week’s treble tip was a wash-out, surprisingly.  Arsenal and Stoke both lost.

So after eight weeks, that’s £80 staked for a return of £23.25.

A total loss of £54.77

Hearts to win at Dunfermline 5/6 with William Hill

I’m going to plum for a £10 treble again this week.

Chelsea to beat Wigan (1/3)

Hearts to win at Dunfermline (5/6)

Queens Park to beat East Stirling (3/10)

With William Hill, £10 returns £31.77.


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I actually tipped a winning bet last week.  The Tottenham versus Bolton game was abandoned during the first half after the horrifying events at White Hart Lane when Fabrice Muamba suffered a heart failure.  Thankfully he has since made progress on the road to recovery.  However, the cancellation of that game meant that is was voided, making my treble a double on Manchester United and Newcastle, who both won their respective games against Wolves and Norwich.  The tenner staked would have returned £25.23.

So over six weeks, tenner a week, that’s £60 staked for a return of £25.23.

That’s a loss of £34.77.

Newcastle United 1-0 Norwich City

This week I’m going for a five game accumulator.

Middlesbrough to beat Bristol City (4/6)

Southampton to beat Doncaster (1/3)

Torquay to beat Port Vale (EVS)

Dundee to beat Raith (4/6)

Stranraer to beat East Stirling (2/5)

On the off chance that I can follow last week’s small win with a win this week…

£10 with William Hill pays £103.70.

I’ve probably expended my luck with last week’s winning tip, so you probably want to swerve my tips this week.

Torquay United to beat Port Vale, EVS with William Hill.


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Obviously if you followed my tips last week then you’d have lost your tenner, as usual.

West Ham drew with Doncaster and Huddersfield drew with Rochdale, which meant that my four-fold was useless.

James Coppinger levels for Doncaster at West Ham

If you’ve followed these tips, that’s a tenner tip each week for five weeks, with absolutely nothing at all in return.

Fifty snots doon the pan!

Newcastle to beat Norwich. 17/20 with William Hill.

I’m gonna go for a treble with this week’s tip, so here’s three selections you probably want to swerve…

Tottenham to beat Bolton (1/3)

Manchester United to win at Wolves (4/11)

Newcastle to beat Norwich (17/20)

In the unfathomable event that this treble did come in…

£10 with William Hill pays £33.63.

You’d still be down following my tips over six weeks too.  Think about it…


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Port Vale 13/8 to win away at Northampton with William Hill

If you’ve followed my tips over the last two weeks since Wor Shitus dropped out, then the two tenner bets I recommended weren’t much cop and you’d be twenty snots down.

This week, I’m going for a bit of a longer shot, I’m offering a six game accumulator for you.

Get a £10 accumulator on; Newcastle to beat Wolves (8/13), Birmingham to beat Nottingham Forest (8/13), Huddersfield to beat Exeter (8/15), Port Vale to win away at Northampton (13/8), Dumbarton to beat Stirling (8/13) and Alloa to beat Clyde (1/2).

In the odd possibility that this bet comes in, William Hill will pay £254.49 from £10.


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After checking the odds this morning, I have found better odds for my tips for today’s FA Cup 4th Round fixtures.

Online, William Hill have improved their odds on my selections.  Hull have gone from 8/11 to EVS, Southampton from 13/10 to 7/5 and Newcastle from 19/20 to 21/20.  That means, instead of paying £387.34 from £50, William Hill now pays £492.

Improved Odds Online with William Hill

So get online and for a £50 treble;  Hull to beat Crawley Town (EVS),Southampton to win at Millwall (7/5) and Newcastle to win at Brighton (21/20).  With William Hill£50 pays £492.00.

Southampton (7/5) to win at Millwall

This week, Wor Shitus has gone for a £50 treble at Ladbrokes; Sunderland to beat Middlesbrough (8/11), Torquay to beat Northampton (4/6) and Ross County to beat Livingston (8/11).  £50 returns £248.62.

Ross County (8/11) to beat Livingston

The scores going into this weeks fixtures are;

Me –£462.46 v -£526.56 Wor Shitus

For the jist of what this betting tips challenge is all about, click on the link to the original blog below.


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The betting tips challenge with Wor Shitus isn’t going to well, however I still have my slim lead of £64.10.

I’m gonna keep it simple this week and go for just a treble from the FA Cup 4th Round fixtures.  I’m fancying Hull to have enough to turn Crawley Town over and odds of 8/11 are too tempting not to include them.  I always look at Southampton and, if they take this game seriously enough, they can win at Millwall.  Odds of 13/10 warrant their inclusion.  I can see it being a difficult game for The Toon down Brighton but I’m hoping we’re good enough to beat them and at 19/20 the odds are pretty decent.  I’ve only had the chance to check to odds at William Hill, so you might be able to find better odds than what I’ve quoted.

I’m going for a £50 trebleHull to beat Crawley Town (8/11), Southampton to win at Millwall (13/10) and Newcastle to win at Brighton (19/20).  With William Hill, £50 pays £387.34.

Newcastle (19/20) to win at Brighton.



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Neither of has tipped out that’s won since the first week we started this betting tips challenge, so if you’re following this you want shot!  Do something fukkin sensible with your money, spend it on hookers or drugs.  Following my advice, I’d have cost you £324.96Wor Shitus has done slightly better, but only by £35.07.  He’d have cost you £289.89 so far.

Southampton (1/2)

I’m sticking with good, old William Hill again.  Take the 50 quid and stick it on a four-fold.  Back; Arsenal to win at Norwich (8/13), Manchester United to win at Swansea (4/9), Southampton to beat Brighton (1/2), and Tottenham to beat Aston Villa (1/2).  That’ll pay out £262.50 on the off chance it wins.

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