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God made it easy on me...

You Beastly Bastard!

Wednesday was my birthday.  I fukkin hate my birthday but a new bucket hat and a Happy Mondays ticket, for the O2 Academy in Newcastle on May 4th, helped to ease the blow.  As also did Swede Mason, who released another video onto YouTube on my birthday.  Check out Swede Mason’s YouTube channel on this link and subscribe for future releases.

Swede Mason on YouTube

Swede Mason’s new track is titled ‘Well bugger to you, you Beastly Bastard’ and is totally typical of Swede Mason.  More video sampled and cut into a new video with added beats to create an incredible audio-visual collage.  While ‘Well bugger to you, you Beastly Bastard’ may not be Swede Mason’s greatest work his genius is unrivalled.  It is still a truly epic work, however in my opinion not as brilliant as ‘Jeremy Clarkson’s Beatbox’ or ‘Bill Wyman’s Metal Detector’ to name but a few.

Apparently, according to Clair, the video for this track is taken from The King’s Speech or something.  I’ve never heard of it or seen it, but then I’m not Ed Zachary a film buff.

Well Bugger to you, you Beastly Bastard’ is vulgar, repetitive and really quite childish, yet it is amusing, entertaining and quite frankly fukkin fantastic!

Check out Swede Mason latest work on the link below.

Swede Mason – Well bugger to you, you Beastly Bastard 

Also check out my blog about Swede Mason in my musical recommendations category or on the next link, where you’ll find links to some of my favourite Swede Mason tracks.

Swede Mason Blog

Some Recommendations

While I’m on the subject of music, I may as well drop a couple of recommendations.


I’ll start with Brotha Priah, another musician who does something a bit different.  Priah is a massively underrated artist who is starting the make an impression on the North East music scene and has the potential and drive to go a long way.

Brotha Priah uses a Boss RC-300 looping station and a Kaosspad to build up tracks on the spot.  What makes it all the more impressive however is that Priah makes all of the sounds with his voice, beat-boxing beats, harmonies and bass-lines and looping them to create unique tracks.  He has an exceptional talent and is extremely passionate about music.  Priah explains it better than me, so click on the following link for a video of Priah explaining how he does what he does.

Brotha Priah – Boss RC-300 + Kaosspad 3 Intro 

Don’t forget to subscribe to Brotha Priah’s YouTube channel.

Brotha Priah on YouTube

I first noticed Brotha Priah when I seen him performing at SubLevel2 at The Head of Steam a while back.  He was one of the artists the particularly stood out that night, in amongst local Hip Hop heavyweights Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze and Rick Fury.  Read my take on that night on this link;

As I mentioned, Priah is starting to build his reputation on the North East music scene, particularly with the Hip Hop, DubStep and Drum n Bass crowds and is quickly becoming one of the usual suspects at live events in the region.  With a few live performances coming up in April, including Rex Regis’ album launch, on 11th, and The Warehouse Party, on 28th, Priah is starting to make his mark.

He’s also performing at my gig, The Egg at The Telegraph, Orchard Street, Newcastle on Saturday.  Click the next links for more information on The Egg.

The Egg

Facebook Event


Whilst on the theme of artists with individuality, my next recommendation is a band so unique that they don’t fit inside any standard genre classification.

Honey Chrome’s sound is a marvellous mash-up of many genres, with many different influences.  Not only do Honey Chrome differ from every other band, each of their tracks differs in style and sound from each other.

With Honey Chrome there’s synthetic bass, heavy drums, rocking guitars and distorted vocals aplenty.  Call it whatever you want, there’s a bit of everything in there.  You’ll notice influences from many different artists within Honey Chrome’s sound and they bring it all together in a brilliantly orchestrated fusion.  The effects are truly profound.

Honey Chrome

I think my favourite Honey Chrome tracks so far are ‘I Think I Luv U’ and ‘Fractured Days’.  As afore mentioned, Honey Chrome’s style and sound changes between tracks and those two are more mellow and more suited to my tastes than the heavier ‘Mind Machine’, which would have plenty of appeal with Rock and Heavy Metal fans.

Honey Chrome are playing in Stockton on Tees tonight at The Sun Inn along with The Skank Sinatra & Friends Show and Dressed Like Wolves.  Doors open at 7.30pm, find further details of that on this link;

I have also got Honey Chrome booked to perform at two events for me in May.  They will be playing at The Telegraph on Friday 4th May and at The Troll at The Bridge, at The Bridge Hotel in Newcastle on Saturday 19th May.  Check out the video of Honey Chrome performing live at The Telegraph at my gig in March on this next link.

Honey Chrome – I Think I Luv U (live at The Telegraph) 

Details of the May 4th gig at The Telegraph are still to be confirmed.

The Troll at The Bridge on Saturday 19th May is being held at The Bridge Hotel, Castle Garth, Newcastle upon Tyne.  Entry is £3 payable on door.  Doors open at 7.30pm and the event will run until 11pm.  Also performing that night will be local Indie Pop sensation Emergency Door Release, the ever-impressive Alternative act Artisam and Funk-Rock band Downtown Lester Brown.

Check out Honey Chrome’s website –

And check out the Facebook Event for The Troll at The Bridge and the four acts involved on the following links.

The Troll at The Bridge 

Honey Chrome

Emergency Door Release


Downtown Lester Brown


After what feels like a lifetime in waiting, it’s almost finally here. Tomorrow night at The Telegraph on Orchard Street, behind Newcastle’s Central Station is The Egg!

The Egg is a night of live music and a whole new experience.  A culmination of artists from across a wide range of genres, The Egg offers something for every musical taste.  There’s the notorious Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze with the awesome Eliza Lawson delivering North East Hip Hop with a comic book twist.  Another of the main highlights are the epically vibrant Funky Ska band Ginger Snap & The Style Pile giving you something to dance to.  Artisam, who are also performing The Troll at The Bridge, will be performing as a five-piece for the first time after the addition of their new drummer and fiddler.  We’ll also have some Krautedelic Electro Fuzz from Parastatic, something I’m really looking forward to seeing live.  As mentioned earlier there’ll also be a live Beat-Boxing performance by the up-and-coming Brotha Priah with his looping station and Kaosspad.  There’s also some acoustic brilliance in the form of Baiqian Jiang and his fingerstyle and a DJ set from Greenline DJ, also known as Dj Id.

Seven different artists on a night that runs til 2am for a paltry £4 is a steal!

Doors open at 7.30pm and the £4 entry is payable on the door.

Further information about The Egg can be found on my blog, along with links to each artist, or on the Facebook on the two links below.

The Egg

Facebook Event

Ginger Snap Jam (photo by Andrew Jessop)

Follow me on Twitter – @Mallaz84

Subscribe to my YouTube channel –

And like my Facebook page –

And now some shit in the news that made me laugh…

I was on Twitter yesterday morning and my timeline was flooded with shit about Samantha Brick, she was also trending.

Now I’d never heard of her and I’m a naturally inquisitive bastard.  So I looked and up, and here’s the jist of what her crack is…

Samantha Brick is some random, moderately attractive, middle-aged blonde writer from The Daily Mail, who wrote an article earlier this week whining on about how difficult life is being beautiful.

Here’s a link to the article, have a gander;

Throughout the article this self-obsessed woman bemoans the strains that her supposed beauty causes her, from bitchy bosses to jealous girlfriends.  She claims that women hate her for no other reason but her “lovely looks.

Samantha Brick’s arrogance and up-your-own-arsery become glaringly apparent with this quote from the article, “Unfortunately women find nothing more annoying than someone else being the most attractive girl in a room.”  Pretty full of herself for someone who claims has many clients who are models, and also doing well on casting gender stereotypes.  She also claims to be “tall, slim, blonde” and often told that she is “good-looking”.

I don’t know about slim though flower… I see a bit of a pot-belly thing going on there.  Have a look at the photos and see if you agree.  She’s also got quite chunky, stumpy looking legs.  To claim she’s “slim” is slightly hopeful.  She’s not in terrible shape for a middle-aged woman of forty-one, but she’s not shaped like Gwen Stefani or Elizabeth Hurley!

As I said before, she’s only moderately good-looking.  In my opinion she’s got a dodgy-looking nose and a freaky, weird smile.  She’s got kind of a Miss Piggy-like face.

At the end of the article she claims to be “probably one of very few women entering their fifth decade welcoming the decline of my looks.”  A statement that seemingly contradicts herself as earlier in the article she stated she works at her appearance.  She works out, doesn’t drink or smoke and rarely eats chocolate.  Not really the actions of a woman in her early forties welcoming the decline of her looks is it?

I’m not even gonna touch that her husband is a Frenchman and wearing soldier clobber in the photos, that’s too easy.

Samantha Brick is a deluded, self-obsessed attention-seeker and I’m bewildered as to why a newspaper would publish such nonsensical bull-shit written to solely to pander the author’s ego.  I mean, that’s not fukkin news is it???

And as if that twaddle wasn’t ridiculous enough for you, the backlash from Samantha Brick spawned another article, this time by Tim Dowling for The Guardian.  You can read that on this next link.

This is yet another prime example of up-your-own-arsery by a self-obsessed, egotistical twat.  Tim Dowling claims that men envy him for his looks.  In my experience most men couldn’t give two shits about how another man looks, the competitive element lies in other things, like sports for example.

I think anyone who uses phrases such as “brooding”, “chiselled jaw” and “soulful, beseeching eyes” to describe themselves appears to be either a purely pretentious cunt or pitching themselves on a lonely hearts dating website.

Tim Dowling prattles on that if you’re a man you probably find him a threat.  One statement that stood out for me was, “I can’t tell you how many male acquaintance shave stopped speaking to me over the years for petty reasons (unpaid debts, being alleged source of unpleasant rumour, refusal to appear as character witness), when jealousy is the transparent cause.

Yeah, sure people start to lose patience and you will fall foul of people if you don’t pay your debts.  As for refusing to be a character witness for a friend, either the friend is a complete scum-bag of Tim Dowling blatantly refused to help a friend in need.  I wonder if the reference was for a job or for court, as he fails to mention any specifics.  Either way it’s pretty shitty and I wouldn’t be best impressed if a so-called mate refused to help where they could in such situations, unless of course it was a seriously bad crime.

He claims also to know exactly how many men have been angered enough by his face to want to punch it.  For some reason I suspect it may be his arrogant, pretentious, self-absorbed attitude that makes people want to smash his fukkin face in, rather than how his face looks.

There is also no mention of Tim Dowling having a partner within the article.  I suspect this is also related to him being a Grade-A plum!


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I was at the O2 Academy on Saturday night again, well at least my physical presence was there and other people can confirm this (better than I can myself).  This time I was at the O2 for the Rossi Noise gig featuring support from the best Seghill Hip Hop act in history (absolute fact!), Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze with Eliza Lawson.  Apparently it was an epic gig, Baron and Breeze fans have claimed that, in their opinions, it was their best show yet.  My total amnesia of the night makes a gig review slightly more troublesome than usual, not impossible however, just more implausible really.

Well the chaos started when my first choice plus one (I mostly go for buying two tickets so I have some company) dropped me in it.  Fortunately the ticket never went to waste as Sam took the ticket at the last minute.  Sam is L87 from SubLevel2, a DJ/promoter and someone I have been working closely with for some time.  He even banged out an awesome DubStep DJ set at my last Telegraph gig on Friday 3rd February to follow up the awesome set by Baron, Breeze and Eliza.

L87 of SubLevel2

But back to the story at hand, my final memory of Saturday was meeting with Sam for a swifty at The Fourth (if that’s even a real place) before the memory-obliterating combination of prescription pills and over-priced alcohol rendered me a liability!

I’ve heard rumours of spacesuits, bass, aliens, butlers, inflatable guitars, Haribo, a body-poppin beat-boxing tin-man (which I’m assuming is the incredibly talented Brotha Priah) and the bogeyman.  I also heard I was ‘allegedly’ shouting at Baron and Breeze as they were getting changed mid-set, but until I see evidence or hear a reliable testimony I’m denying that all together, is this not just the face of innocence?  Hmmmm???

When I finally partially regained my senses it was the following day, I woke up on a sofa in a strange house in High Heaton with no recollection of how or why I had ended up there, in that place.  Fortunately it wasn’t a stranger’s house, in fact I have on a previous occasion ‘allegedly’ pissed in their kitchen bin, and it’s in an area that I am familiar with.  However, after finding the composure to finally muster the energy for the walk of shame back to my humble abode, I was stricken with a stark realisation…  My fukkin house keys were in my coat pocket, which was still at that fukkin O2 Academy!

Well what’s a locked-out amnesia-ridden hung-over freaky old beasty man to do?  On thon off chance that there’d be some swine down there who might be able to help me out and get my coat back, I had the (still very) drunken stagger back down to the O2 Academy.  It is possible I called into Maccy D’s for a coffee on route but the memory of that whole weekend is still hazier than Snoop Dogg’s tour van.

Any fukkin way, back to the fukkin story…

When I was on the way there, Photo Dave of David Johnston Photography had been online and text me to say the O2’s fukkin shut on a Sunday, nightmare!  So my fukkin options were dwindling.  There was Option A – Ring thon fukkin landlord and explain the shituation (no fukkin way, in my experience the less you have to do with your landlord the better!).  Option B – Find a dossing option and sit it off til Monday (nuts to that shite, as I already mentioned Rossi Noise had rendered me dysfunctional!).  Or Option C – Try my luck at the O2 anyway because I was basically round the fukkin corner and really wanted my keys! (Nothing ventured, nothing gained!).

Well I plumped for Option C and went down to the O2 anyway.  When I arrived the front doors where open and some band’s bitches (roadies) were loading equipment and shit in through the door.  So at this point, I’m thinking my lucks in.  I asked one of the pretentious little shit-bits if anyone who works there was about.  The horrible little anal bead replied “I’m with the band!  Nothing to do with the venue!” in an arrogant and, by this point of the weekend, patience-testing manner!  So I thought “Fuck this knobby little prick!” and said “Look, some cunt must of opened the fukkin door for you to be loading this shit in so go and get the fukka or I’ll burst your snot-box!”  Well that’s when Cunty-Balls ponced off inside the O2 to get a staff member, during which time I asked another of the band bitches which band it was, he replied “The Spice Girls” and I just thought he was taking the piss!  Apparently that daft Mel C bint, Manly Spice or whatever she was, was doing something there that night (or so I’m told), I care too little to find out whether any of that is true or not, fuck The Spice Girls, fuck Mel C and fuck her horrid poncey little roadies!

When the O2 fella eventually came to the door, he was really helpful, took my ticket and returned double-snappy with my coat, complete with my fukkin house keys in the pocket and I was on my merry fukkin way!

Fukkin Manly Spice!

After meeting up with Photo Dave, acquiring some beverages of the alcoholic flavour and getting back to my flat, it suddenly dawned on me that I was wearing something I hadn’t been wearing when I left the house the previous night.  I was wearing something truly awesome!  Something possibly even more awesome than the Futurama’s ‘Bender the Offender’ t-shirt I was wearing underneath this wonderful new garment.  For what I was now wearing was the heighth of fashion in the current North East music scene!  I now own a very off-orangey (as in bright green) ‘Kids and Grown Ups Love the Beats…. of Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze’ t-shirt, BOOM!

But What About Rossi Noise???

What are they like live?  How the fuck should I know???  I’ll hopefully find that out next time I go see them play live, and that is something that will most certainly be on the agenda for me because I love their music.  The five strong “RockStep” band obviously have Dub influences, which is a winner with me, and their sound is a wicked fusion of DubStep, Dance, Hip Hop and Rock music with some Heavy Drum & Bass beats.  Who else is doing shit like that? Nee one! At least not too Rossi Noise’s standard.  With such a diverse array of musical genres within Rossi Noise’s influences then you’re guaranteed something unique and certainly special.  Watch their debut music video ‘Evil Inside’ on the link below.

Rossi Noise

Rossi Noise are becoming increasingly popular, so I’m not breaking ground here although they are still massively underrated, and have been tipped by several sources as one the bands to watch this year, including music development agency Generator.

Follow Rossi Noise and their progress on the following social network sites.





Eliza Lawson

And also, Eliza Lawson now has her own Facebook page so click on, like and share the link below.


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It’s been a while since I forced my musical recommendations upon thee, so I thought “might as well pop one oot real soon!”

First up though, a brief run through the cream of the crop from my previous recommendations.

The best of the lot, not just my opinion but that of my trusted advisors too, is Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze.  I’d also like to pop Eliza Lawson into the equation here too.  This is an act I have now seen perform live on numerous occasions and every single one of those has been incredible.  Baron and Breeze are like the Dynamic Duo of UK Hip Hop, which must make Eliza the Batgirl.  Anyway, Baron Von Alias is a genius!  He also has the eyes of a shrew, which explains the shades!  This duo are putting the fun back into music and their live performances are unbelievable.  Watching this act perform, you can tell they are having fun and you can’t help but get involved.  Eliza Lawson is the perfect complement to this pair too, her vocals add that extra dimension to tracks such as ‘Action Man’ and she has taken to Baron and Breeze’s fun-loving vibe like a duck to water.  That’s not to say that this act is all about their performance value, because their music is the tits!  Everyone who I’ve made listen to ‘Action Man’ immediately thinks it’s class, even those that don’t even really like Hippety Hop.  Listen to ‘It’s OK’ as that is basically Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze telling you what I just did, only in their words with a wicked backing track.  Watch their videos on YouTube too.  Baron, Breeze and Eliza performed at my last event and went down a treat!  I’m even going to see them at the O2 Academy, supporting Rossi Noise, on the 25th February.  I bet you’re gutted you’re not!

Next up is the legend that is Swede Mason.  His video collages are an audio visual spectacle to behold.  Possibly the most underrated genius in entertainment today.  His ‘Schofield on Crack’ video stirred up a bit of controversy and led to Thames TV making him remove the video from his YouTube channel.  His ‘Tribute to Schofield on Crack’ video is an outstanding response to Thames TV’s lack of humour and “clearly implies, up yours!”  Swede Mason uses Final Cut and Logic to cut videos to create an audio collage and add some beats.  The result is awesome tracks and amusing videos of a standard you won’t witness anywhere else.  His track ‘Jungle All The Way’ features samples taken from the Arnold Schwarzenegger film ‘Jingle All The Way’ and reached #1 in both the Electronic and Jungle charts and is still Soundclick’s top Jungle track.

Another act I have seen perform live on several occasions now is Alternative Indie Rock band The Stroll.  Recently they have twice been pipped in battle of the bands competition finals by The McQues, despite being better than The McQues both live and on record in my opinion.  Of the tracks that they have so far released, I find it difficult to pick a favourite between ‘Different Tune, Different Mood’ and ‘Searching’, which is “about looking for stuff.”  The Stroll’s front-man, Josh Pringle, has an incredible ability with lyrics and this band has a very 90s Brit Pop flavour to them, kush!  The other three members of the band are Paul Heslop on guitar, Jack Brown on bass and Ben Gash the drummer.  If The Stroll failed to make it big in music Gashy could always fall back on being a stand-up comedian with his bad taste jokes, although, if I was him, I’d do it sitting down behind something so that the audience don’t notice that his body is proportionately similar to that of Orville the Duck.

Last up, Emergency Door Release.  Emergency Door Release are “setting off alarms everywhere” and are the freshest prospect, and most possibly the saviour, of the Newcastle Indie Pop Rock scene.  This four-piece Indie Pop Rock band consists of James Rooney on vocals and guitar, Adam McMeiken on guitar, David Lloyd on bass and Daniel Moktari on drums.  Emergency Door Release suffered some set-backs confirming their final line-up but they kicked off their live career very recently supporting Dave Giles at the Cluny2 in Newcastle on Valentines Day.  They also recently released ‘Who Are We?’ the final track from their forthcoming EP, also titled ‘Who Are We?’  So expect big things from this highly driven and ambitious Indie Pop Rock act, and be sure to check them out at my next live music event at The Telegraph on Saturday 3rd March, not only because that’s a gig that I am running, but also because that is when Emergency Door Release have chosen to release the ‘Who Are We’ EP on CD, so don’t miss that!


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I was at the SoundWave Music Competition Final at the O2 Academy on Saturday (11th February) and what a fukkin rip that place is!  Before I get onto the O2 though, I’m going to air my scruples about the competition itself.  It was one of those daft X Factor style competitions with a text voting system.  Text voting for a competition on that scale is ridiculous and means the competition is less about the artists’ talent and more about how many mates they’ve got that are willing to waste more than a quid to send a text.  It’s all about SoundWave making money.  On top of that, the actual event itself kicked off at 6pm, the Toon match against Spurs didn’t kick off until 5.30 so I missed a good chunk of the event due to watching Tottenham trounce us.

Right right right, now onto the venue… That was the first time I’d ever been to the O2 Academy and I wasn’t impressed.  The venue itself is not bad, it’s got a decent stage and the room’s a good size, but the price of drink is practically extortion!  At just shy of four quid a pint, they’re having my fukkin eyes out!  Scandalous!  To make matters worse as well, they shut up shop and start kicking every fukka out at 10pm, bollox to that!  If I’m out somewhere I expect last orders to be no sooner that eleven bells!

The Stroll

When I got to the O2 Academy after the match, I arrived just in time to catch the beginning of The Stroll’s set.  The Stroll were the second last act competing in the final.  They sang songs “about blind people” and “looking for stuff” before Josh Pringle’s guitar string snapped.  Obviously two separate songs because blind people can look for things all day and still find nothing.  My opinion of the other bands involved in the final is slightly lower than what it could have been too, fair enough it’s a competition but some cunt could have lent Josh a guitar for The Stroll’s last track, ‘Different  Tune, Different mood’.  The highlight of the night for me actually came during the incident with the snapped string, while they tried to find another guitar for Josh, The Stroll’s drummer Gashy told an epic joke; “What’s green and smells like pork? Kermit the Frog’s fingers!”  That had me doubled over!  The Stroll finished with an impressive cover of The Who’s ‘My Generation’.

These are not Americans!

The act who followed The Stroll, and the last competing band of the night, really failed to impress me.  WildThörn are talented musicians, don’t get me wrong, but their generic brand of Americanised Pop Rock really doesn’t appeal to me at all.  Another  thing that royally pissed me off with WildThörn was the way that their singer kept referring to the audience as “Newcastle”, as though they were a huge American Rock & Roll band playing a packed UK stadium, when they’re from South fukkin Shields and probably got there by Metro!  Twats, you’re from South Shields, don’t try to be something you’re not!  Pretentious Twats!  Put that with the fact that their singer was constantly kicking the air and kept screaming “wooooh” in between tracks, along with them being five of the ugliest women I have ever seen in my life and I just couldn’t tolerate these muppets at all!

The final winners of the SoundWave Music Competition were The McQues, a four-piece Indie Pop band.  They also recently were winners of Seen Battle of the Bands in Darlington.  Check them out on Facebook or Soundcloud on the links below.



The McQues - SoundWave Music Competition Winners 2012


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Friday night at The Telegraph was fukkin epic!  Those who were there will surely testify to that.  The mix of different genres went down a lot better than I could have expected and every act involved was well received by the audience.  The new sound-guy, Chris Kinley from Sessions Newcastle, performed his role flawlessly and helped the night to run smoothly.  People were blown away by Baron Von Alias & MistaBreezeL87’s quality selection of DubStep were tracks impeccably mixed.  The three-man Artisam acoustic set, with Cam on the cajón, added a unique vibe.  You get something different every time with Artisam.  The Stroll were class, just like I said they would be.  Everything seemed to fit and work well with each other and all the people who attended had good crack and seemed to enjoy themselves.  Even Empty Heed and Fanny Drought turned up!

Empty Heed & Fanny Drought enjoying Baron & Breeze

The photos from Friday can be seen on David Johnston Photography’s Facebook page on this link;

And the videos will be uploaded onto my YouTube channel in the very near future.

Get Wild, Gan Mental

“Gonna smash in your back doors like Keith Lemon…”

Kicking the night off in spectacular fashion were Hip Hop’s dynamic duo, Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze.  Even Empty Heed was impressed by these two, and he’s a miserable cunt!

They performed their set with an electric energy, which was visibly evident from the sweat pissing from their faces by the time they finished.  Getting in amongst the audience, and even rolling around the floor at times, Baron and Breeze proved to be the ultimate interactive package!  They even had me up dancing with them on ‘Get Wild, Gan Mental’ because they know I like that one.

They impressed the audience with renditions of some of my favourite tracks, including ‘Step In The Room’, before being joined by Eliza Lawson for tracks including the truly awesome ‘Action Man’, which evidently is a real crowd pleaser.  Simply put, Baron Von Alias, MistaBreeze and Eliza Lawson were a class act!

Baron Von Alias, Eliza Lawson & MistaBreeze

Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze are performing again this Thursday night at SubLevel2 at The Head of Steam in Newcastle.  Detail of that event can be found on Facebook on the link below;

L87 of SubLevel2

“Womp Womp”

L87’s cool choice of DubStep tracks helped ease his DJ set into the night’s proceedings with great effect.  His mixing was impeccable and he didn’t miss a beat.  He earned himself a fan in Sound-Guy Chris, who seemed massively impressed by L87’s work.  The set worked perfectly for the transition from Hip Hop to the Alternative acoustic set that was to follow.

L87 is also performing a set at SubLevel2 on Thursday night, along with The Baron and Breeze, so be sure to get down to The Head of Steam for that!


“Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go…”

Artisam brought something entirely different to the table on Friday night.  One-man-band-on-a-box, Cam, further demonstrated his versatility as he slapped away on the cajón with perfect timing as George and Gary played along with the acoustic guitars.  Always impressive, as I have stated on numerous occasions, they performed a fantastic set with a completely unique vibe and I loved it when they played my favourite, ‘Free Your Mind’.  Artisam are an incredibly talented band and it’s always a pleasure seeing them perform live.

Jack, Josh and Paul of The Stroll

“I would walk all day to see your sunshine smile…”

The final act of the night was The Stroll and they were in formidable form.  The Alternative Rock four-piece from Durham performed a stunning version of ‘20th Century Boy’ by T-RexGashy, with his daft smile and even dafter hat, was epic on the drums.  Jack was just as good on bass.  Josh and Paul were quality on the guitars and Josh belted out his vocals in sublime fashion.

Tracks such as ‘Searching’ and ‘Different Tune, Different Mood’ went down a treat with the audience and The Stroll definitely made an impression.  A quality evening topped off with a quality set by a quality band!

The Stroll's Gashy & I, plus Daft Hats

The Stroll are competing in the final of The SoundWave Music Competition at the O2 Academy in Newcastle on Saturday night.  So get down to that and show them some support.  Details of that event can be found on Facebook on the following link;

and tickets can be purchased on this link;

Teaching Josh of The Stroll how to sing

Some thanks are in order

Firstly I’d like to say thanks to the acts involved.  Baron Von Alias, MistaBreeze, Eliza Lawson, L87 of SubLevel2, George, Cam and Gary of Artisam, Josh, Jack, Paul and Gashy of The Stoll, whose efforts are all highly appreciated and they have my gratitude.

Also thanks to Chris Kinley of Sessions Newcastle for providing the sound, and Photo Dave of David Johnston Photography, obviously for doing the photography.

Extra special thanks to everyone who attended the gig, making it the awesome experience it was.

Find the acts involved on the following links;

Baron Von Alias










SubLevel2 on Facebook





The Stroll






The Telegraph - Saturday 3rd March 2012

And don’t forget the next one…

My next event is scheduled for Saturday 3rd March at The Telegraph, on Orchard Street, behind Central Station in Newcastle, where for a mere £3 you can see Emergency Door Release, Ginger Snap & The Style Pile, Honey Chrome and The Shake Appeal all perform live.

More details of that event can be found in the events category of my blog or on Facebook on the following links;

3rd March at The Telegraph

Facebook Event


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Happy Mondays

“I like that… Turn it up!!!”

My old fella woke me up with a phone call early this afternoon.  Usually, I’m not a fan of being woken up with phone calls but I can make an exception this time.  He’s bought me a ticket for Happy Mondays and Inspiral Carpets at the O2 Academy on 3rd May.  BOOM!

“One day he was admiring his reflection in his favourite mirror…”

I’m getting the ticket for my birthday in April and I can’t fukkin wait!  In May last year I went to see Shaun Ryder and his band playing at The Riverside, as well as Nobby Solano on his trumpet with the Geordie Latinos.  That was one of the best nights of my life… so far!  It also made performing at The Riverside with my old band a life-long dream come true.  By life-long, I mean since May last year.  I played on the same stage as Shaun Ryder once did, class!  See the video of that gig on the link below.

“I can virtually do anything I read…”

Shaun Ryder and Bez are my fukkin idols and the Happy Mondays are by far my favourite band of all time so to get the chance to see the original line-up back together after nineteen years.  I was gutted when the Shaun Ryder 2012 Tour was cancelled but for the Happy Mondays to reform totally makes up for that!


“Smiling like a cat when his milk came through…”

If you haven’t read Shaun Ryder’s autobiography ‘Twisting My Melon’ I suggest you do.  It’s not the best written book in the world but the content, his story, is the most inspiring thing I have ever read!  Clair got me his book for Christmas and I read it over the course of a day.  Never in my life have I read a book that quickly, it usually takes me longer than that to read a newspaper, but this was a captivating read and as I stated earlier, the most inspiring work I’ve ever laid eyes on.  Shaun Ryder is a fukkin genius!  I also got Bez’ book ‘Freaky Dancin’ – Me and The Mondays’ for Christmas and have just started reading that.  Bez isn’t as daft as he appears either.


“You know you talk so hip man, you’re twisting my melon man!”

I’ve also got a ticket for The Stone Roses at Heaton Park in Manchester on 1st July, but Happy Mondays tops that by far!  But that does mean that 2012 is a truly epic year on the gig front.  Now all I need is tickets to see The Farm.

Drop Acid, Not Bombs



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Welcome to February!  Now it’s only a couple of days until the gig you’ve all been waiting for!

This Friday I’m hosting a gig at The Telegraph on Orchard Street behind Newcastle’s Central Station.  For a mere three quid you can catch three live acts plus a DJ set.  Doors open at 7.30pm so get there for as soon after that as you can and make sure you don’t miss any of it.  The event is being held upstairs in The Telegraph’s function room.

The Telegraph - 3rd February 2012

Simply because I feel like it, I’ll list the acts involved in alphabetical order.


George, Cam and Gary of Artisam are going to be performing an acoustic set.

Those who were at my last gig at The Telegraph in December will no doubt remember George and Cam.  Artisam performed at my last ever DLB gig and were very well received.  Of the four acts involved this Friday, I have seen Artisam perform live on the most occasions and have never witnessed a bad show.  They have a cool, unique sound and their music really makes an impression, which is one of the reasons I keep booking them.  If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!

Artisam have a range of expertly written tracks but the most memorable for me is ‘Free Your Mind’, which has a nice eerie feel to it as an acoustic track.  Check out Artisam on the following links…



George and Cam of Artisam

Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze

Featuring a special guest performance from the beautiful and extremely talented vocalist Eliza Lawson, Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze are an act that I’m truly honoured to have performing on Friday.  In the summer they performed at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend.  Pretty impressive that, isn’t it?  To top that off, they’re gonna be heading to Durham University after this gig to perform a set there.  Two gigs, one night… proper Rock n Roll!

Anyone who knows anything about anything will tell you that American Hip Hop died many, many moons ago and, since then, has had it’s battered corpse repeatedly raped.  The future of Hip Hop now lies in the hands of UK artists.  That said, too many London based artists are continuing to defile American Hip Hop’s corpse and trying to mimic long dead styles of Rap music in embarrassing fashion.  No one wants to hear a young white lad from Chelsea trying to be a black Compton gangsta!  It’s pathetic!  People want to hear something new and different, and that’s what The Baron & Breeze have to offer.  Check them out on YouTube to get the full effect of this Hip Hop duo.  Pure genius!!!

The Baron’s fake tashe, top hat and shades can easily give the impression that he doesn’t take himself seriously, however that would be very misleading.  Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze take their work incredibly seriously.  They are serious enough, and dedicated enough, to be relentlessly working flat-out on new tracks, videos, performing live and continuously self promoting.  However, these two do have a lot of fun with their music and, at least for me, that’s what music is all about.  There’s not a lot out there with this level of individuality, I mean… how many other time-travelling MCs do you know of?  Ed Zachary… NONE!  Well, unless Dr Who’s been banging out some rhymes in his home studio in the Tardis.  Get on The Baron & Breeze on the links below…

Baron on Facebook

Breeze on Facebook

Baron on YouTube

Baron on Bandcamp

Baron on Twitter

Daft Hat #1 - Baron Von Alias

L87 (of SubLevel2)

To compliment the diverse range of music at this event, there’s going to be a DubStep DJ set from SubLevel2 resident L87.

SubLevel2 is staged on a fortnightly Thursday at The Head of Steam in Newcastle and is a night of Hip Hop, DubStep, Jungle, Drum and Bass and everything in between, powered by the mighty 8kw bass heavy Defcon1 sound system.  The next SubLevel2 is on Thursday 9th February and will also feature Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze, so be sure to check that out.  Get more details of SubLevel2 on this link…

SubLevel2 on Facebook

Examples of L87 mixing it up can be found on the following link…

L87 on Soundcloud


The Stroll

Completing this exciting line-up on Friday are up-and-coming Alternative Rock four-piece, The Stroll.  I’m a huge fan of this ambitious Durham based outfit and firmly believe they have the potential to achieve great things.  Having seen these perform live twice within the last two months, and being highly impressed on both occasions, I would seriously recommend catching them live… at The Telegraph, this Friday, because it’s gonna be awesome!

The Stroll are currently my favourite live band in the North East and when Clair and I went to see them competing in the Redcar Battle of the Bands a few weeks ago we had an epic night.  They’re also competing in the final of the SoundWave Music Competition at Newcastle’s O2 Academy a week on Saturday (that’s Saturday 11th February for anyone who doesn’t know what day it is now) and I honestly would not be surprised in the slightest if they were to win it.  Check out The Stroll online with the following links…




Daft Hat #2 - The Stroll's Ben Gash

Expect daft hats…

With my deer-hunter hat, The Baron’s top hat and The Stroll’s Gashy threatening to wear his ridiculously hilarious hat, expect daft hats as a side dish for your main meal of quality tunes!

Possibly Newcastle’s most diverse range of music under one roof on the same night and for only £3 entry, payable on the door, you can’t go wrong.  So get yourselves down, bring your friends and let’s celebrate the end of the miserable January lull.

This is where 2012 really starts!

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