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Bowies & Butterflies, BiG BEATs & The Boy in Bristol

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Some Musical Musings…

It’s been a while since I bothered to write about anything because I’ve been double double busy working on the masterplan. So I’ll give you an overview on what’s been occurring round me lately coz I’ve been a very busy bunny.

Saturday 15th September offered an opportunity for me to take in some live music from a couple of local acts that I have a lot of time for. Local Indie Pop group Emergency Door Release hosted the release party for their second EP Bowties & Butterflies at The Cluny 2 on the Saturday night time and at midday I was with 50cc n his bairn Ashley to witness BiG BEAT BRONSON in their usual fine form at Urban Outfitters in town (that’s Newcastle if you don’t already know).

Emergency Door Release

Emergency Door Release have recently signed to Bigmouth Records and the Bowties & Butterflies EP will be available to download off iTunes and the likes from 8th October. This four track EP follows the release of their debut EP Who Are We? earlier this year. Bowties & Butterflies visibly demonstrates the progression made by Emergency Door Release over the course of 2012 so far. As with Who Are We? each track is extremely catchy owing to the passionate and meaningful lyrics and brilliant instrumental work. Emergency Door Release are really beginning to come into themselves with Bowties & Butterflies, cementing their own style and progressing further away from their original influences. There’s far less similarity to the likes of Morrissey and the Editors and more trademark Emergency Door Release, unique and quirky Indie Pop. It’s definitely an EP that they can be proud of. Vocalist James Rooney’s voice is becoming more distinctive and his lyrics are of a consistently high standard. Both relatable and infectious, the composition of the songs is tight as the band seems to have completely gelled now. The EP opens with a powerful track named Tonight which has a typically Emergency Door Release chorus to it that will have you singing along to it after only a couple of listens. David Lloyd’s bass really stands out on the following track One ‘N’ 1 and I am particularly impressed by the guitar work and Daniel Mokhtari’s drums on Father, a very emotional and well written track and quite possibly the best track of the EP. With Emergency door Release you’ll always find lyrics you can relate to and for me, with my shady lifestyle, the line that most stands out for me is in the final track Her Denial. “Don’t tell anyone that you came back to mine…” I like that!

The EP launch party at The Cluny 2 on the 15th was the first real opportunity that I have had to actually properly witness Emergency Door Release perform without distractions as I have only ever seen them before at events I have organised. It was also the first time I’d seen Emergency Door Release perform as a trio after their fourth member, guitarist Adam, left the band and in my opinion they weren’t lacking at all as a threesome. It was a characteristically charismatic performance by Emergency Door Release and a great show with a brilliant atmosphere in a packed house. It was actually at The Cluny 2 that night that I realised how good of a bass player David Lloyd actually is. I was extremely impressed with his performance on the night. They opened their set with tracks from their debut EP Stand Up and Back Another Day and as well as playing the tracks from Bowties & Butterflies they also performed a classic rendition of my personal favourite Emergency Door Release track Mad For It, which is yet to be released. Throughout their set James Rooney did what he does best and engaged the audience, who themselves were “fukkin mad for it”, and showed his potential to become a real crowd favourite. Emergency Door Release have been known to be a bit on the extravagant side and finished off the night by firing confetti cannons into the audience, a nifty little touch to top off a crackin night and an outstanding performance by an up and coming band with the drive and ambition to really make a mark on the North East music scene.

Emergency Door Release can be found on all of the social networking sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and the rest. Look them up and enjoy.

Mad For It on YouTube


As I have already mentioned, earlier in the day on Saturday 15th I was with 50 and Ashley to see BiG BEAT BRONSON performing a live set at Urban Outfitters near monument in Newcastle. The supergroup comprising of the one and only Baron Von Alias, that bastard MistaBreeze, the awesome Eliza Lawson and The Butler’s love child DJ Lkp never fail to impress and performing a set in a shop doorway was a perfect opportunity to impose themselves on random Saturday shoppers. There was people straying in from the outside obviously intrigued at the spectacle they were witnessing and BiG BEAT BRONSON, as always, were very well received and left a lasting impression. The Haribos were being launched about, Baron and Breeze terrified innocent shoppers by running out into the street and terrorising unsuspecting victims mid set while dressed in onesies with dinosaur tails and there was a special appearance by the fabled Mackem Mover. Basically it was a shit hot way to start the day even though 50cc n I totally failed to take full advantage of the free bar. Oh well.

BiG BEAT BRONSON at Urban Outfitters on YouTube

On Friday night BiG BEAT BRONSON headlined my final Mallaz presents… live music event before I go on what Mr Humus is insisting on calling a “hiatus”. As I have publicly stated the BiG BEAT BRONSON crew will sell out any venue and they proved me right again for Friday’s event at The Bridge Hotel in Newcastle. When I can be bothered I’ll explain what my next move is gonna be but for now I’ve got more important things to do. But back to The Bridge. It was an epic gig to bring a temporary end to my event organising and promoting malarkey and was a very special BiG BEAT BRONSON performance in an intimate venue packed to the hilt. 90% of the audience were there to show their support specifically for BiG BEAT BRONSON and the few that had never witnessed the awesomeness of BiG BEAT BRONSON were easily converted “Bronsonites” by 11pm. Showing an incredible display of versatility BiG BEAT BRONSON added their own special touch to the event by performing for the first time ever with a full live band. Eliza demonstrated even more of her musical expertise by performing on keys, as she did at The Cluny 2 for Mallaz presents… BiG BEAT BRONSON in July. They also allowed DJ Lkp a leave of absence and utilised guitar, bass and drums to add a completely unique twist to what was already an incredible and individualistic sound. Looking dapper as hell all dressed up to the nines they totally captivated the crowd and totally owned The Bridge with outstanding renditions of tracks from the May Contain Nuts EP, which I highly recommend you buy. In a word EPIC!

Check out the BiG BEAT BRONSON website to keep up to date with their latest developments.


Now today also marks the release of my old mate Chattabox’s first solo album. Formerly of South Shields Hip Hop group Dialect and now dwelling in Bristol and performing in Urban band Three Kings High, Chattabox has let rip with this album entitled They Call Me… Chattabox is an exceptionally talented rapper who writes epically gritty lyric and delivers them with an incredible flow. The title track of the album was recently released as a single and was produced by my boy Steesh, the brains behind Baron Von Alias. They Call Me… is a perfect example of Chattabox’s ability and the video, which he made himself, is pure class. Chattabox writes lyrics with a sublime intensity and grounded realism and this solo venture featuring a few guest appearances (as all good Hip Hop albums do) certainly makes an impact. Chattabox remains true to his North Eastern roots and the opening track of the album Areet is laced with local slang from up here. The album itself is track after track of brilliance with several standing out above the rest and Chattabox’s passion for his art is evident throughout. There are a couple of nostalgic tracks on the album, such as All Or Nothing, which also contains some classic Hip Hop scratching and Doin It Right, which has a strong lyrical content and features the old Dialect crew back together. Chattabox’s expert flow is evident on all of the tracks on They Call Me… however my personal favourites are Got Carter which also utilises some Old Skool Hip Hop style scratching and some interesting samples and also Sick and Tired which comprises of some top-notch lyrical content delivered with Chattabox’s distinctive flow. If you like Hip Hop then you’ll love They Call Me…

The album is available from Bandcamp

They Call Me… on YouTube


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I know this is already like the second day of March (only because it tells me at the bottom right-hand side of the screen), and I haven’t really done much of a gig guide thing yet.  Y’kna what though???  There’s fuck all really happening this month and I’ve been too fukkin wasted to care about telling you that fuck all’s happening, until now that is…

I did have a gander at a few events, but there’s not a lot worth wasting your money on this month, other than my gig at The Telegraph tomorrow night (or than my shit betting tips for this week, which I shall get round to publishing at some point sharp-ish), as that is also the long-awaited release of Emergency Door Release‘s debut EP ‘Who Are We?


More Details of that gig can be found in my previous blog.

And Here’s the fukkin Facebook link for the event too.

Also, my next blog (unless I get the shite tips out of the way before that!) will be a review of the ‘Who Are We?‘ EP, so stand by for that.  I’ll be doing that this afternoon, seeing as they launch the EP tomorrow.

New Town Kings

The only other thing that’s tickling my fancy bits at the minute is New Town Kings in a Warehouse on Friday 16th March at Hoults Yard, Walker Road in Newcastle.  This is the follow up from last month’s China Bull Shop in a Warehouse gig, but this time with fukkin lasers!  This gig also features Too Spicy, who I recommended to anyone who read the following blog;

It’s gonna be a night of Reggae, Ska and off beats, so get yourself down to that and skank your filthy arse off!  Entry is charged at £5 on the door, or £4 if bought online in this link –

The Facebook event for that event can be found on this link.

Too Spicy

But the jist is that most places are putting on unimpressive gigs at pocket-pillaging prices.  Band’s you’ve never heard of charging daft prices, some even with booking fees and tickets and shit!  I’ve been listening to as much music as time allows and there’s not enough time to waste watching wankers playing average music.  GOD!  The fukkin blandness of some of the shit people are trying to make you pay to listen to is sinful!


Saturday 3rd


Friday 9th

FridayLOVE presents Indie Rock Night – The Dog & Parrot, Newcastle.  Entry £3.

Friday 16th

New Town Kings in a Warehouse – Hoults Yard, Walker Road, Newcastle.  Tickets £4 from and £5 on the door.

Saturday 31st

The Deputies – Fundraiser for Everymen Cancer Research – Forest Hall Club, Newcastle.  Tickets £3.

New Town Kings in a Warehouse


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Friday night at The Telegraph was fukkin epic!  Those who were there will surely testify to that.  The mix of different genres went down a lot better than I could have expected and every act involved was well received by the audience.  The new sound-guy, Chris Kinley from Sessions Newcastle, performed his role flawlessly and helped the night to run smoothly.  People were blown away by Baron Von Alias & MistaBreezeL87’s quality selection of DubStep were tracks impeccably mixed.  The three-man Artisam acoustic set, with Cam on the cajón, added a unique vibe.  You get something different every time with Artisam.  The Stroll were class, just like I said they would be.  Everything seemed to fit and work well with each other and all the people who attended had good crack and seemed to enjoy themselves.  Even Empty Heed and Fanny Drought turned up!

Empty Heed & Fanny Drought enjoying Baron & Breeze

The photos from Friday can be seen on David Johnston Photography’s Facebook page on this link;

And the videos will be uploaded onto my YouTube channel in the very near future.

Get Wild, Gan Mental

“Gonna smash in your back doors like Keith Lemon…”

Kicking the night off in spectacular fashion were Hip Hop’s dynamic duo, Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze.  Even Empty Heed was impressed by these two, and he’s a miserable cunt!

They performed their set with an electric energy, which was visibly evident from the sweat pissing from their faces by the time they finished.  Getting in amongst the audience, and even rolling around the floor at times, Baron and Breeze proved to be the ultimate interactive package!  They even had me up dancing with them on ‘Get Wild, Gan Mental’ because they know I like that one.

They impressed the audience with renditions of some of my favourite tracks, including ‘Step In The Room’, before being joined by Eliza Lawson for tracks including the truly awesome ‘Action Man’, which evidently is a real crowd pleaser.  Simply put, Baron Von Alias, MistaBreeze and Eliza Lawson were a class act!

Baron Von Alias, Eliza Lawson & MistaBreeze

Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze are performing again this Thursday night at SubLevel2 at The Head of Steam in Newcastle.  Detail of that event can be found on Facebook on the link below;

L87 of SubLevel2

“Womp Womp”

L87’s cool choice of DubStep tracks helped ease his DJ set into the night’s proceedings with great effect.  His mixing was impeccable and he didn’t miss a beat.  He earned himself a fan in Sound-Guy Chris, who seemed massively impressed by L87’s work.  The set worked perfectly for the transition from Hip Hop to the Alternative acoustic set that was to follow.

L87 is also performing a set at SubLevel2 on Thursday night, along with The Baron and Breeze, so be sure to get down to The Head of Steam for that!


“Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go…”

Artisam brought something entirely different to the table on Friday night.  One-man-band-on-a-box, Cam, further demonstrated his versatility as he slapped away on the cajón with perfect timing as George and Gary played along with the acoustic guitars.  Always impressive, as I have stated on numerous occasions, they performed a fantastic set with a completely unique vibe and I loved it when they played my favourite, ‘Free Your Mind’.  Artisam are an incredibly talented band and it’s always a pleasure seeing them perform live.

Jack, Josh and Paul of The Stroll

“I would walk all day to see your sunshine smile…”

The final act of the night was The Stroll and they were in formidable form.  The Alternative Rock four-piece from Durham performed a stunning version of ‘20th Century Boy’ by T-RexGashy, with his daft smile and even dafter hat, was epic on the drums.  Jack was just as good on bass.  Josh and Paul were quality on the guitars and Josh belted out his vocals in sublime fashion.

Tracks such as ‘Searching’ and ‘Different Tune, Different Mood’ went down a treat with the audience and The Stroll definitely made an impression.  A quality evening topped off with a quality set by a quality band!

The Stroll's Gashy & I, plus Daft Hats

The Stroll are competing in the final of The SoundWave Music Competition at the O2 Academy in Newcastle on Saturday night.  So get down to that and show them some support.  Details of that event can be found on Facebook on the following link;

and tickets can be purchased on this link;

Teaching Josh of The Stroll how to sing

Some thanks are in order

Firstly I’d like to say thanks to the acts involved.  Baron Von Alias, MistaBreeze, Eliza Lawson, L87 of SubLevel2, George, Cam and Gary of Artisam, Josh, Jack, Paul and Gashy of The Stoll, whose efforts are all highly appreciated and they have my gratitude.

Also thanks to Chris Kinley of Sessions Newcastle for providing the sound, and Photo Dave of David Johnston Photography, obviously for doing the photography.

Extra special thanks to everyone who attended the gig, making it the awesome experience it was.

Find the acts involved on the following links;

Baron Von Alias










SubLevel2 on Facebook





The Stroll






The Telegraph - Saturday 3rd March 2012

And don’t forget the next one…

My next event is scheduled for Saturday 3rd March at The Telegraph, on Orchard Street, behind Central Station in Newcastle, where for a mere £3 you can see Emergency Door Release, Ginger Snap & The Style Pile, Honey Chrome and The Shake Appeal all perform live.

More details of that event can be found in the events category of my blog or on Facebook on the following links;

3rd March at The Telegraph

Facebook Event


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Well, January’s almost out of the way and pay day’s on the horizon for most people.  The whole January hibernation through lack of funds thing is nearing it’s end and people are soon to be flush again for February.  So you’re about to have more collateral than you know what to do with and are gonna be looking for ways to spend it.

Welly welly well then…  If you’re a fan of good music I can help you out.  I’m gonna give you a list of shit worth checking out through February.

My Gig!

On Friday 3rd February I’m running my first gig since I sacked my band.  Flying solo now!  I’ve got live music from a personal favourite of mine, The Stroll.  If this is the first you’ve heard of them, then you haven’t been fukkin listening!  I’ve been raving about these since I first seen them play in December.  There’ll be an acoustic set from the extremely talented Artisam.  I’ve worked with Artisam a few times now and they always entertain.  I’ve also got Hip Hop in the form of Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze, who performed at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in the summer and are pure fukkin genius!  Read my review of ‘Action Man’ and watch the video.  They’re gonna be joined by special guest performer Eliza Lawson, who featured on ‘Action Man’.  There’s also gonna be a DubStep DJ set by SubLevel2’s L87.  It’s got the potential to be a fukkin quality night like, and for only £3 to get in it’s a bargain.  There’s something to cater for everyone’s tastes and all of these acts are born entertainers, hand-picked by yours truly!

Don’t miss it!

The Telegraph - 3rd February 2012

Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze

Good news for the Hip Hop fans with a sense of fun, Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze are spread all over February like a venereal disease (rhyme, BOOM!).  It’s seriously non-stop with these two.  In between working on their EP and constantly making new videos, they’ve got a shit-load of gigs!  They’ll be heading straight from my gig at The Telegraph on Friday 3rd to Durham University to perform there, how’d ya like that?  Proper fukkin Rockstar style!  For your average people that might prove a struggle, but The Baron’s got that fancy watch and has been treating the space time continuum like his bitch since the 1800s!

They’re also performing on Thursday 9th at The Head of Steam, Newcastle, for Sublevel2, Friday 24th at China Bull in a Warehouse in association with Guerilla Events at W34 on Walker Road, Newcastle, then at the O2 Academy, Newcastle on Saturday 25th with Rossi Noise and on Tuesday 28th somewhere in Middlesbrough, details still need confirmed.  It’s a very busy month for The Baron and Breeze so there’s plenty of opportunities to see them in action.

Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze

Emergency Door Release

February also brings the much anticipated debut of Emergency Door Release.  They’re gonna be performing at The Dog and Parrot in Newcastle on Saturday 11th.  If you’re one of those people that love to say “I was there when…” then you’ll wanna be at this, a band only ever makes one debut appearance.

Emergency Door Release are a band with bags of potential and it’s good to see them get back on track after their original drummer let them down.  If they hadn’t had the dedication and determination to carry on after that then a load of talent would have gone to waste!  They’re also recording in February so an EP is in the pipe-line.

Emergency Door Release are also playing in the Redcar Battle of the Bands on Friday 17th February.  Entry to this is just £5.

Emergency Door Release


SubLevel2 is staged on a fortnightly Thursday at The Head of Steam in Newcastle.  The dates for this month are 9th and 23rd.

SubLevel2 is a night of Hip Hop, DubStep, Jungle, Drum and Bass and everything in between, powered by the mighty 8kw bass heavy Defcon1 sound system.

Some of the main highlights are Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze, Rick Fury and of course L87.  Entry to Sublevel2 is only £4.


SoundWave Music Competition Final

The SoundWave Music Competition had 154 applications and now only six acts remain.  Competing in the final are; Below The Bridge, WildThorn, The McQues, Hypnotix State, Jane & Adam, as well as my own personal favourites, The Stroll.

Tickets are only £5 and can be purchased online at –

The Stroll


Friday 3rd

MY TELEGRAPH GIG – The Telegraph, Newcastle.  Entry £3.

Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze – Durham University, Durham.


Thursday 9th

SubLevel2 – The Head of Steam, Newcastle.  Entry £5.


Saturday 11th

SoundWave Music Competition Final – O2 Academy, Newcastle.  Tickets £5.

Emergency Door Release (debut gig) – The Dog and Parrot, Newcastle.  Entry £4.


Wednesday 15th

Bleech with The Shake Appeal – The Independent, Sunderland.  Tickets £5 (plus booking fee).


Friday 17th

Redcar Battle of the Bands – The Citz Club, Redcar.  Entry £5.


Thursday 23rd

SubLevel2 – The Head of Steam, Newcastle.  Entry £5.


Friday 24th

China Bull in a Warehouse in association with Guerilla Events – W34, Walker Road, Newcaste.  Entry £4 – £5.50.


Saturday 25th

Rossi Noise with Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze – O2 Academy, Newcastle.  Entry £5.


Tuesday 28th

Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze – Somewhere in Middlesbrough…. somewhere.


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I’m taking my laptop to be repaired tomorrow so this blog’s gonna have loadsa crap crammed into it!  The fukkin retards at PC World bodged the original repair on my DVD/CD drive so I need to send the fukka back, which is a piss take seeing as they’ve had my laptop for repairs for two months outta the thirteen that I’ve owned the fukkin thing!


Another weekend’s betting tips from Wor Shitus and me has proven fruitless!

Wor Shitus‘ treble was let down by Millwall‘s failure to win at Dagenham and Redbridge.

Millwall also cost me on my second line along with QPR.  My first tip was let down because Bolton were incapable of beating Macclesfield.  Obviously my third line was a combination of my first two lines and failed to win anything too.

As things now stand, I still have my slender lead of £64.10.

Current Scores are;

Me -£362.46 v -£426.56 Wor Shitus

Dagenham & Redbridge 0 - 0 Millwall


For next weekend I am going to go for a £50 four-fold.  I will get the odds for this bet later in the week but here’s my tips now.  Get on; Chelsea to win against Sunderland, Tottenham to beat Wolves, Cardiff to win at Doncaster and Southampton to win at Nottingham Forest.

Chelsea to beat Sunderland


Friday (13th January) is the beginning of the Battle of the Bands North East 2012.

The Battle of the Bands is held at Coatham Bowl in Redcar, with heats being held every Friday from 13th January to 2nd March.  The final is to be held on 9th March.

Entry to any of the heats is priced at £5, payable on the door.

Click here to view details of the Battle of the Bands on Facebook.

Battle of the Bands 2012


The first heat in the Battle of the Bands is this Friday.  I would recommend checking out this heat as you will get a chance to see The Stroll perform live.  I’m gonna be going and making a night of it.

If you haven’t heard of The Stroll yet you obviously haven’t been keeping up to date with my musical recommendations and I can gladly assist you with your suicide, just because I’m really fukkin nice like that!

However, if you value your life and enjoy good music, I urge you to check out The Stroll on ReverbNation and like their Facebook page.  This is a band on the up, so get on it now!

If you haven’t read my blog recommending that you listen to The Stroll then click the link below.

Also check out their latest track ‘Searching‘.

Me talking shit to Josh Pringle of The Stroll


The Stroll are also headlining my next event at The Telegraph on Orchard Street in Newcastle on Friday 3rd February 2012.  Check out the event on Facebook or my latest music blog.

Also playing at this event are Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze, l87 of Sublevel2 and Artisam.

Entry for this event is priced at £3 on the door.

The Telegraph - 3rd February 2012


Seeing as I’m still entitled to my 20% of the profit on the EP, I might as well take this opportunity to try push my old band, Downtown Lester Brown‘s, debut EP, ‘Love & Other Diseases‘, seeing as none of the remaining members of the band have bothered their lazy, unambitious arses trying to publicise it.

Love & Other Diseases’ is available for digital download at the following places, simply click the name of the site.

iTunes £5.53

Amazon £4.49

Fairshare £5.99

eMusic £2.94

Tunetribe £4.83

Tradebit £5.83

7digital £4.49

(prices exchanged from US Dollars are correct with today’s current exchange rates.)

Love & Other Diseases - Downtown Lester Brown


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Due to the cancellation of tomorrow’s Blue Bunny gig, my next event is now Friday 3rd February at The Telegraph, Orchard Street, Newcastle upon Tyne.

The Telegraph - 3rd February 2012

Entry for this event, which starts at 8pm, is priced at a mere £3 and is payable on the door.

For that £3, you get to witness three live acts, plus a DJ set.

First up there’s off-beat Alternative act, Artisam.  They’ve played for me before, at my last Telegraph gig, and were very well received.  They are a band I’m extremely fond of and went to see them play the Tangerine Christmas gig at The Bridge in December.

Following Artisam, there’ll be a DubStep DJ set from Sublevel2‘s very own l87 to warm you up for the next act, Hip Hop duo Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze.  The Baron and Breeze are a class act, they played the BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in the summer.  I recommended them in one of my previous music blogs and also reviewed their track ‘Action Man‘.

And to top off the evening I’ve got the up-and-coming Alternative Rock band The Stroll, from Durham.  Another act I’m very keen on and also recommended in the same blog as I recommended the Baron.

It’s gonna be a fukkin epic night so make sure you get down for it!


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It’s seemed like ages for me, so it must have seemed like a lifetime to you.  But DOWNTOWN LESTER BROWN are performing live again tonight.

We’re playing another Too Far North gig at The Dog and Parrot in Newcastle.

Also on the menu are Death To Indie, The Villeins and Rooftop Showdown.

You can check out a video from our last visit there on YouTube.


The Dog and Parrot, September 2011



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