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I have now fully confirmed the line up for my gig at The Telegraph on Saturday 3rd March 2012.  It’s a very exciting line up, so it’s got the potential to be an awesome night.  For a paltry three of your British Pound Sterling, you can see four quality bands from a range of different genres perform live.

Proper fukkin bargain!

If you use Facebook the details of this event can be found using the link below.

The Telegraph - Saturday 3rd March 2012

The final confirmed line up is Ginger Snap & The Style Pile, Emergency Door Release, The Shake Appeal and Honey Chrome.

Emergency Door Release featured in one of my previous music blogs.  See the link below.

Ginger Snap & The Style Pile

Ginger Snap & The Style Pile

Ginger Snap & The Style Pile are a Funky Ska band based in Newcastle.  They are a reformation of what used to be Chrome Attic.  Fronted by the extremely talented Joanne ‘Gingersnap’ Robson, The Style Pile perform with an electric energy and generate the exciting party vibe that I personally believe Newcastle has crying out for.  Wind player Andy Strong is an incredible talent as demonstrated with his awe-inspiring work on the saxophone and clarinet.  The rest of the band comprises of Hal McCutcheon (Plank-Spank’ist), Eddie Hughes (the bass man) and Dan Deltodesco (drummer).  Their unique and up-beat sound is the ultimate treat for your eardrums.  Ginger Snap & The Style Pile have a groove that will blow your fukkin mind, so this truly is a gig you don’t want to miss!

Ginger Snap & The Style Pile are currently in the process of sorting out all of their internet profiles so to hear examples of their music check out their previous incarnation, Chrome Attic, and then like their Facebook page on the following links.

Emergency Door Release

Emergency Door Release

Emergency Door Release are a brand new Indie Rock band who are in the midst of preparing a full frontal assault on the North East music scene.  Their singer, song-writer and guitarist, James Rooney, is a driven individual with an incredible voice, which is reminiscent of Editors vocalist Tom Smith.  James’ determination and dedication has helped Emergency Door Release overcome early problems and keep the band running despite losing their original drummer.  The other members of Emergency Door Release are Adam McMeiken on guitar, David Lloyd on bass and their new drummer, Daniel Mokhtari.  Emergency Door Release are recording new material on Wednesday 8th February and also have several other live performances on their horizon.

You can catch their debut gig at The Dog and Parrot on Saturday 11th February.  Entry to that is priced at £4.  Check out the Facebook event for this on the next link.

Check out Emergency Door Release on Facebook.

The Shake Appeal

The Shake Appeal

South Tyneside based Rock four-piece, The Shake Appeal, are also in the process of recording new material.  The Shake Appeal were formed in 2010 and consist of vocalist Georgia McRae, guitarists Joseph Inskip and Jordan Johnston, Phil Morgan on bass and Matthew Cowey on drums.

Despite her cute appearance, vocalist Georgia McRae, sings with an attitude that would not be out of place in the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Be Your Own Pet.  The Shake Appeal have a vibrant flavour to their music and a cool, edgy style.  You can listen to some of their tracks on Facebook on the link below.

My personal favourite from the tracks available is ‘A Fist in my Pocket’, which for me truly captures The Shake Appeal’s grit and attitude.

If, like me, you use Twitter you can also follow The Shake Appeal on there.

The Shake Appeal – @Shake_Appeal

I actually head-hunted The Shake Appeal for this gig after they were brought to my attention by both Chay Hobson, at North-East Rehearsal-Recording, and Eesh of DLB.  I have a huge respect for both of their musical opinions and have been an admirer of The Shake Appeal for some time.

Honey Chrome

Honey Chrome

Unclassifiable by standard definitions of any genre, Honey Chrome’s unique sound is an amalgamation of several genres.  This is an act that is oozing with individuality.  Honey Chrome bring together Punk, Rock, Grunge and Electronic Pop, among many other styles, in an incredible fusion that is mind-blowing.  You need to hear what they have to offer, because no explanation will give you the full feel of what they do.  Check out their website and like their Facebook pages on the links below.

These four bands will be performing on what has the potential to be an epic night.  For a bargain price of £3 you can be a part of it.  Entry is payable on the door and the doors open at 7.30pm.  The Event is being held in the function room upstairs in The Telegraph, which is on Orchard Street, located behind Newcastle’s Central Station.

But before that…

Obviously March is still some time away yet and before that I have another event at The Telegraph scheduled for Friday 3rd February.  The February event is also charged at just £3 entry on the door.  As you can probably tell, I don’t give just any shite act a gig.  I carefully select the artists involved and unlike some promoters, I actually listen to their music before deciding to book them.  The Stroll, Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze and Artisam will all be performing live at The Telegraph on 3rd February, and there will also be a DubStep DJ set by L87 of SubLevel2.  This is shaping up to be an epic night.  So get down, bring some friends and have some fun!

More details about this event can be found in my blog;

Or on Facebook

The Telegraph - 3rd February 2012

A couple of acknowledgements…

I’d like to say thank you to Nathan Wood of Spark FM in Sunderland for plugging my February gig at The Telegraph on his radio show.  Nathan presents The Local Music Show every Sunday from 4pm to 7pm; you can listen to it on local radio, exclusive to Sunderland on 107FM or online at

It’s usually a highly entertaining show cram-packed with low-brow humour, smut and, of course, great music from some of the best bands the region has to offer.  You might as well give it a listen, I mean, what the fuck else you gonna do after church on a Sunday???

You can follow Nathan and The Local Music Show on Twitter.

Nathan Wood – @NathanWould

107 Spark FM – @Local_Music_Pet

107 Spark FM

While I’m mentioning Twitter, I’d also like to thank Tyneside Tweets for retweeting my blog to help my friends Clair Moore and Tahti raise money for LiNK Community Development.

Clair and Tahti are hitch-hiking from Newcastle to Marrakesh in Morocco, in April, as a fundraiser for LiNK Community Development.

LiNK Community Development works at improving the quality of education in Africa and providing children with the opportunities they deserve.

Please help them to make difference by sponsoring them and/or sharing the link below, where you can make donations online.

And if you are a user of Twitter, you can follow both Tyneside Tweets and Clair Moore.

Tyneside Tweets – @TynesideTweets

Clair Moore – @clair_moore

LiNK Community Development


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I’ve been putting together some live music events in Newcastle upon Tyne and I’m always on the lookout for new acts to perform at these events.  If you are in a band, or even a solo artist, and are looking for gigs, get in touch.

The music I am looking for is not genre specific.  However, I would like to avoid whiny, generic Indie Pop bands that lack individuality.  Ideally I want bands that can bring something unique and fresh to the table.  So if you’re a band that is trying to imitate The Beatles, Muse, and Coldplay etc…, then don’t bother because I’m looking for something new and different!

Please send an email to – or alternatively, leave a comment on this blog.

In the email or comment please state your name, contact details and your bands name with a link to where I can listen to some examples of your music online (without having to like any pages or anything first!).

Ginger Snap & The Style Pile

The Telegraph – Saturday 3rd March 2012

I am still looking to confirm a couple of acts for my gig at The Telegraph (Orchard Street, Newcastle) on Saturday 3rd March.  Currently I have Ginger Snap & The Style Pile and Emergency Door Release confirmed to perform at that event.

The artists involved in this event will be paid a share of the door profit if enough people attend.  Entry to this event will be priced at £3 and to break even the event will need approximately sixty people to attend (this figure may be higher than actually required depending on costs).

Check out the two bands I already have confirmed by clicking on their names below.

Ginger Snap & The Style Pile

Emergency Door Release

If you would like to be considered to perform at this event then please contact me as soon as possible, either by commenting on this blog or by email on –

The Stroll

The Bridge Hotel – Wednesday 4th April 2012

I also have The Bridge Hotel (Castle Square, Newcastle) booked for an event on Wednesday 4th April, which is my birthday.  This is almost certainly going to be a fundraising event for charity.  I am currently in the process of confirming the details with the chosen charity.  If this is the case, then the artists involved will be expected to perform for free to show support for the chosen charity.  The entire profit from this event will be donated to charity.  Hopefully I will have all of the finer details relating to this confirmed in the very near future.

I will be looking to have four or maybe five acts to perform sets at this event.  Currently I have already confirmed The Stroll.  Check them out by clicking on their name below.

The Stroll

If you would like to be considered to perform at this event then please contact me as soon as possible, either by commenting on this blog or by email on –

Battle of the Bands 2012

Heat 2 of the Battle of the Bands, Coatham Bowl – Friday 20th January 2012

There may also be a place available for an act to perform at the Battle of the Bands, at Coatham Bowl in Redcar, tomorrow.

I had put The Mojags forward for it but they dropped me in it recently and decided they don’t want to do it anymore.  So if you can get to Redcar for half past five-ish on Friday and would like to compete in the Battle of the Bands, in a great venue, for the chance to win a recording deal and £3000 cash, as well as helping to raise money for two charities, then get in touch NOW.

Details of this event can be found on their website or on Facebook on the links below.  You may be better off sending a message to Sherry Clark on Facebook if you want to perform at this event as it is Sherry who is organising the Battle of the Bands.

Battle of the Bands Website

Battle of the Bands Facebook

Coatham Bowl is an awesome venue with an impressive history and this could be a chance for a band to perform in front of an audience comprised of followers of six or seven other acts.  Even if you don’t progress to the next stage, it is a valuable opportunity to increase your fan base.  So why not have a crack at it?

The Telegraph - 3rd February 2012

Future Events…

I will continue to run events at The Telegraph on a monthly basis and also regular events at The Bridge Hotel, as well as looking to secure other venues and expand into other areas outside of Newcastle.

If you want to be considered for future events, please get in touch by sending an email to – or alternatively, leaving a comment on this blog.


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Well, Friday was the first heat in the Battle of the Bands competition, being held at Coatham Bowl in Redcar.  Eight acts were whittled down to two in what was a highly entertaining night.

Battle of the Bands 2012

We went down by train on the Friday afternoon and stayed in a bed and breakfast in Redcar.  The train journey was the start of the fun.  We missed our stop at Darlington, where we were supposed to change to a connecting train to Redcar.  We ended up in fukkin York of all places, I’m really not keen on York!  It was my fault like, but I’m blaming my lack of awareness on the fact I was shattered because I received a stupid and pointless phone call at 4am on Friday morning and was then needlessly woken up again at 8am by the gas man.  Anyway, we ended up having to get off at York because we missed Darlington and we then had to go from York and change at Thornaby, or some random place I’ve never heard of, on the way to Redcar.  Inconvenient, yet highly amusing!

We checked in to the bed and breakfast then headed straight to Coatham Bowl for the competition.  Obviously we were late, getting there about half eight to nine-ish, and therefore missed the first few acts.

I was both tired and a bit smashed by the time we got there, but when we arrived James Arthur was performing.  We only caught a brief bit of his solo acoustic set.  Singer, song-writer and producer James Arthur was one of the two acts to progress to the next stage of the competition.  Check him out on Facebook on the following link;

James Arthur

The other act to qualify for the next stage were Sailors and Saints.  Unfortunately we missed them… I think.  As I mentioned earlier, we arrived pretty late.  Check out Sailors and Saints on Facebook on the next link;

Sailors and Saints

Coatham Bowl is a really impressive venue.  It’s got a good stage and plenty of room for the audience, as well as the sound being high quality.  Sherry Clark is trying to regenerate the music scene in Redcar and I greatly appreciate her effort and the motivation behind what she is trying to do.  What’s good for Redcar music is good for North East music in general.  Show Sherry, Coatham Bowl, the regions music and two great charities support by coming to any of the heats and/or the final on Friday 9th March 2012.  Every Friday, until 9thMarch, some of the North East’s best bands and solo artists will compete against each other whilst raising money for two charities, TFM Cash for Kids and SANE.  Entry to any of the Heats is priced at a bargain £5 payable on the door.

If my memory and my badly scrawled notes serve me rightly, there was a band named Chasing Wilson, who performed a decent cover of Franz Ferdinand‘s ‘Take Me Out‘.  You can look Chasing Wilson up on Facebook but you can’t hear any music by them without liking their page so I’m not going to bother with a link.  How do you know you’re gonna like a band if you can’t hear anything by them?  They also have a Myspace page, but that doesn’t have any music uploaded onto it so that link would also be pointless.

Chasing Wilson

One band who didn’t impress me a great deal were Rough Justice.  I’m half sure they didn’t perform any original tracks, but don’t quote me on that, and they murdered ‘Starman‘ by David Bowie.  They also performed Queen‘s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘.  It was a good cover but they failed to make it their own in anyway.  It was the same thing with ‘Under Pressure‘ by Queen and Bowie.  Rough Justice’s singer was basically a thick tashe away from being a low-budget Freddie Mercury clone.  Their image lacks individuality and, in his black vest and skin-tight, ripped white genes, the singer appears to be a Glam Rock throwback.  He didn’t help himself in the image stakes when he donned his horrid mustard yellow jacket part way through their set either.  It wasn’t through lack of ability that Rough Justice failed to impress though, they all possess musical talent and the singer displayed plenty of vocal talent.  It was their lack of individuality that did it for them.  They just simply failed to give us anything we haven’t seen or heard before.  Rough Justice are another band who have no music for you to listen to online, so I won’t bother with links for them either.

Rough Justice

If you’ve been following my blog then you will know that the main band I went to see play at the Battle of the Bands was The Stroll, a four-piece Alternative Rock band from Durham.  I absolutely fukkin love The Stroll and they were every bit as impressive as I remember from when my old band played with them at LYH in December.  It was another energetic performance from an incredibly talented band who possess bags of potential.  They ended an epic set with my personal favourite ‘Different Tune, Different Mood‘, which is perfect for having yourself a little dance to.  We were told that afterwards that The Stroll missed out on qualification for the next round by only one point.  I blame that ridiculous hat that their drummer, Gashy, was wearing for costing them that point.  Of course, because I like them, I was heckling The Stroll throughout their set and they retorted with their usual amusing wit, well played.  Although Gashy did buckle and eventually took that daft hat off!  You can find The Stroll (and listen to their music!!!) on Facebook, Soundcloud and ReverbNation on these links;

Facebook –

ReverbNation –

Soundcloud –

You can also follow them on Twitter (@TheStroll1) –!/TheStroll1

Me with Josh Pringle from The Stroll

The Stroll are competing in another battle of the bands this Friday, this time at Seen on Beaumont Street in Darlington (they get themselves about a bit, don’t they?).  So if you’re not going to Heat 2 of the Coatham Bowl Battle of the Bands, then go to that instead!  You can find more details of that event on Facebook on this link;

I’ve also got The Stroll headlining my next gig at The Telegraph on Orchard Street in Newcastle on Friday 3rd February.  More details of that gig can be found on an older post on this blog or on Facebook, links below;

My Next Gig (blog) –

Facebook –

The Telegraph - 3rd February 2012

The three other acts to compete, who I was either too late to see or too fukked to remember, were (I think…) The Blitz, Panda Lasagne and The Method.  Below are some links where you can find and listen to their music without having to like anything you aren’t able to listen to first.

The Blitz (Facebook) –

The Blitz (Myspace) –

Panda Lasagne (Facebook) –

Panda Lasagne (Soundcloud) –

The Method (EP on Soundcloud) –

And finally, here’s a link to the Facebook event for Heat 2 of the Battle of the Bands at Coatham Bowl in Redcar;


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Like a Herpes rash, I’m all over the internet and spreading!  Make sure you follow me on all of the social networks that you use to be kept in the loop with all of my shenanigans…

Follow me on Twitter and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Twitter – @Mallaz84

YouTube – mallaz84

For my art stuff, like my Horrorshow Artwork page on Facebook and check out more of my artwork on Deviant Art.

Facebook – Horrorshow Artwork

DeviantArt – horrorshow-artwork

The Face of Insanity


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It has recently been brought to my attention that I have been ignoring my artwork and haven’t given it any publicity in fukkin ages.  But to be fair, I don’t really spend a lot of time on the artwork these days.  Mostly, I am concentrating on music and writing but I’ve had a few people asking questions about the art so I might as well humour them.

If you are unfamiliar with the art element of my work, I created my own brand of artwork called ‘Horrorshow Artwork‘.  I have created several Horrorshow works, the latest one was ‘Monsters‘, which I finished in October.

Horrorshow Artwork - Monsters

Monsters is set to be the second last Horrorshow image that I create.

You can see more Horrorshow works on my Horrorshow Artwork Facebook page

or on my DeviantArt profile

So please like my Facebook page and share both of the above links on all of your social networks.

And it’s not just the twisted, abstract Horrorshow stuff that I do.  I created all the artwork for Downtown Lester Brown too, before I left them to their own devices.  The most significant works I created for that project were obviously the logo and EP cover for ‘Love & Other Diseases‘.

Downtown Lester Brown - logo

I also created artwork for each of the tracks on the EP, my personal favourites being the artwork for ‘Man On The Run‘ and the ‘Empty Heed‘ single.  However, due to me owning all of the copyright to my artwork, Downtown Lester Brown are no longer able to use any of it other than for the Love & Other Diseases EP.  And since Richard Gilroy tried to pilfer all my credit for setting up DLB, I have taken precautions to make sure that if they do breach my copyright I will get what I deserve from it.

Man On The Run - track artwork

My latest drawing was actually the artwork that I created for the gig that was due to be held at The Blue Bunny Cafe on 7th January.  Unfortunately that gig, as mentioned, was cancelled but here’s the drawing I did for it.

Blue Bunny - (cancelled) gig artwork

I’ve also begun to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and used that to create the artwork for my next gig at The Telegraph.  If you haven’t heard about that gig yet check out my blog about it on the following link.

The Telegraph - 3rd February 2012

I still have loads of artwork that I want to sell so get in touch if you’re interested in any of it as I am more than willing to listen to offers.  In the meantime, please take time to like my Facebook page for Horrorshow Artwork and have a gander at my shit on DeviantArt

All of the artwork within this blog © Malcolm White 2011


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Up and coming Durham based band, The Stroll recently released another track to follow up ‘Different Tune, Different Mood‘, so here’s my take on it…

Searching‘ has a more mellow vibe than Different Tune, Different Mood’ and again displays some excellent song-writing skills.  Searching is a very well written track and the composition of the music itself is flawless.  The production on this track is of very high standard too.

The Stroll

The difference between Searching and Different Tune, Different Mood shows that The Stroll have plenty of versatility in their style.  The lyrics, yet again, are very impressive.  Josh Pringle does an excellent job on vocals, which create a very spaced out and distinctive tone to the track.  Ben Gash keeps perfect time on the drums and the bass-line provided by Jack Brown is perfectly complimented by the cool guitar licks from Josh and Paul Heslop.

The Stroll are performing this Friday at The Battle of the Bands, held at Coatham Bowl in Redcar.  Entry to this event, Heat 1 of The Battle of the Bands, is priced at £5 on the door and the event is raising money for two charities, TFM Cash for Kids and SANE, so is a really good cause.  So get down to that and show support for a great cause and a great band in the making.

Battle of the Bands 2012

Searching is free to download on Soundcloud.  Click on the following link.

Also check out The Stroll on Soundcloud and ReverbNation, and like their Facebook page.


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I’m taking my laptop to be repaired tomorrow so this blog’s gonna have loadsa crap crammed into it!  The fukkin retards at PC World bodged the original repair on my DVD/CD drive so I need to send the fukka back, which is a piss take seeing as they’ve had my laptop for repairs for two months outta the thirteen that I’ve owned the fukkin thing!


Another weekend’s betting tips from Wor Shitus and me has proven fruitless!

Wor Shitus‘ treble was let down by Millwall‘s failure to win at Dagenham and Redbridge.

Millwall also cost me on my second line along with QPR.  My first tip was let down because Bolton were incapable of beating Macclesfield.  Obviously my third line was a combination of my first two lines and failed to win anything too.

As things now stand, I still have my slender lead of £64.10.

Current Scores are;

Me -£362.46 v -£426.56 Wor Shitus

Dagenham & Redbridge 0 - 0 Millwall


For next weekend I am going to go for a £50 four-fold.  I will get the odds for this bet later in the week but here’s my tips now.  Get on; Chelsea to win against Sunderland, Tottenham to beat Wolves, Cardiff to win at Doncaster and Southampton to win at Nottingham Forest.

Chelsea to beat Sunderland


Friday (13th January) is the beginning of the Battle of the Bands North East 2012.

The Battle of the Bands is held at Coatham Bowl in Redcar, with heats being held every Friday from 13th January to 2nd March.  The final is to be held on 9th March.

Entry to any of the heats is priced at £5, payable on the door.

Click here to view details of the Battle of the Bands on Facebook.

Battle of the Bands 2012


The first heat in the Battle of the Bands is this Friday.  I would recommend checking out this heat as you will get a chance to see The Stroll perform live.  I’m gonna be going and making a night of it.

If you haven’t heard of The Stroll yet you obviously haven’t been keeping up to date with my musical recommendations and I can gladly assist you with your suicide, just because I’m really fukkin nice like that!

However, if you value your life and enjoy good music, I urge you to check out The Stroll on ReverbNation and like their Facebook page.  This is a band on the up, so get on it now!

If you haven’t read my blog recommending that you listen to The Stroll then click the link below.

Also check out their latest track ‘Searching‘.

Me talking shit to Josh Pringle of The Stroll


The Stroll are also headlining my next event at The Telegraph on Orchard Street in Newcastle on Friday 3rd February 2012.  Check out the event on Facebook or my latest music blog.

Also playing at this event are Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze, l87 of Sublevel2 and Artisam.

Entry for this event is priced at £3 on the door.

The Telegraph - 3rd February 2012


Seeing as I’m still entitled to my 20% of the profit on the EP, I might as well take this opportunity to try push my old band, Downtown Lester Brown‘s, debut EP, ‘Love & Other Diseases‘, seeing as none of the remaining members of the band have bothered their lazy, unambitious arses trying to publicise it.

Love & Other Diseases’ is available for digital download at the following places, simply click the name of the site.

iTunes £5.53

Amazon £4.49

Fairshare £5.99

eMusic £2.94

Tunetribe £4.83

Tradebit £5.83

7digital £4.49

(prices exchanged from US Dollars are correct with today’s current exchange rates.)

Love & Other Diseases - Downtown Lester Brown

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