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Arsenal to win at Sunderland 23/20 with Paddy Power.

Well, after last week when Wor Shitus dropped a bollock and my tips come in, he’s quit the betting tips challenge.

So the final scores were;

Me -£315.47 v -£626.56 Wor Shitus

So I won by £311.09.

Chelsea to win at Everton 13/10 with Paddy Power.

Just because I feel like it, I’m gonna keep giving tips, even though they’re completely useless.  Each week I’ll give you a £10 bet to put on at the weekend and keep score until the end of the season.

Get on a treble this week.  Back Chelsea to win away at Everton (13/10), Arsenal to win away at Sunderland (23/20) and Southampton to win at home to Burnley (8/11).  £10 with Paddy Power pays £85.41.


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I had a bit of a scare on the betting tips challenge with Wor Shitus last weekend.

On the Sunday he was waiting on Sunderland to beat Middlesbrough for his tip to come in.  My tips had already gone tits up, naturally, and he looked set to take the lead.  Thankfully, that ended a draw so his tips went down the pan and I retain my lead of £64.10 going into this weekend’s fixtures.

The current scores are;

Me -£512.46 v -£576.56 Wor Shitus

West Ham (4/7) to beat Millwall

This week I’m going for a £50 accumulator; Arsenal to beat Blackburn (2/7), Manchester City to beat Fulham (3/10), West Ham to beat Millwall (4/7), Charlton to beat Rochdale (4/9) and Sheffield Wednesday to beat Yeovil (1/2).  With Paddy Power, £50 returns £284.54.

If you don’t know what this betting tips challenge is all about, then click the link below to find out.


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After checking the odds this morning, I have found better odds for my tips for today’s FA Cup 4th Round fixtures.

Online, William Hill have improved their odds on my selections.  Hull have gone from 8/11 to EVS, Southampton from 13/10 to 7/5 and Newcastle from 19/20 to 21/20.  That means, instead of paying £387.34 from £50, William Hill now pays £492.

Improved Odds Online with William Hill

So get online and for a £50 treble;  Hull to beat Crawley Town (EVS),Southampton to win at Millwall (7/5) and Newcastle to win at Brighton (21/20).  With William Hill£50 pays £492.00.

Southampton (7/5) to win at Millwall

This week, Wor Shitus has gone for a £50 treble at Ladbrokes; Sunderland to beat Middlesbrough (8/11), Torquay to beat Northampton (4/6) and Ross County to beat Livingston (8/11).  £50 returns £248.62.

Ross County (8/11) to beat Livingston

The scores going into this weeks fixtures are;

Me –£462.46 v -£526.56 Wor Shitus

For the jist of what this betting tips challenge is all about, click on the link to the original blog below.


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The betting tips challenge with Wor Shitus isn’t going to well, however I still have my slim lead of £64.10.

I’m gonna keep it simple this week and go for just a treble from the FA Cup 4th Round fixtures.  I’m fancying Hull to have enough to turn Crawley Town over and odds of 8/11 are too tempting not to include them.  I always look at Southampton and, if they take this game seriously enough, they can win at Millwall.  Odds of 13/10 warrant their inclusion.  I can see it being a difficult game for The Toon down Brighton but I’m hoping we’re good enough to beat them and at 19/20 the odds are pretty decent.  I’ve only had the chance to check to odds at William Hill, so you might be able to find better odds than what I’ve quoted.

I’m going for a £50 trebleHull to beat Crawley Town (8/11), Southampton to win at Millwall (13/10) and Newcastle to win at Brighton (19/20).  With William Hill, £50 pays £387.34.

Newcastle (19/20) to win at Brighton.



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I can’t be arsed to work out the scores but they aren’t good.  I have one betting tip for you this week, in the betting tips challenge with Wor Shitus, a £50 five-fold.  I am winning by £64.10 though.

Middlesbrough (6/5) to win away at Coventry.

This week get on;

£50 five-fold; Chelsea to win at Norwich (8/13), Cardiff to beat Portsmouth (4/5), Middlesbrough to win at Coventry (6/5), Carlisle to beat Walsall (8/11) and Cheltenham to beat Bristol Rovers (4/6).

With Paddy Power, £50 pays £920.77.


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As promised in my blog earlier in the week,

here are the odds for my tips for this weekend.

I recommend taking your money to Paddy Power this week.

A £50 Four-fold;  Chelsea to beat Sunderland (4/11), Tottenham to beat Wolves (3/10), Cardiff to win at Doncaster (21/20) and Southampton to win at Nottingham Forest (11/8).  With Paddy Power, £50 pays £431.55.

Southampton (11/8) to win at Nottingham Forest

If by some form of divine miracle I’ve managed to tip a winning bet this week then I will be at profit for the season.  I’m still only £64.10 ahead of Wor Shitus but hopefully this tip will increase that.

If you don’t know what’s going on with these tips then read the original blog on the link below.

Current Scores are;

Me -£362.46 v -£426.56 Wor Shitus

Cardiff City (21/20) to win at Doncaster


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I’m taking my laptop to be repaired tomorrow so this blog’s gonna have loadsa crap crammed into it!  The fukkin retards at PC World bodged the original repair on my DVD/CD drive so I need to send the fukka back, which is a piss take seeing as they’ve had my laptop for repairs for two months outta the thirteen that I’ve owned the fukkin thing!


Another weekend’s betting tips from Wor Shitus and me has proven fruitless!

Wor Shitus‘ treble was let down by Millwall‘s failure to win at Dagenham and Redbridge.

Millwall also cost me on my second line along with QPR.  My first tip was let down because Bolton were incapable of beating Macclesfield.  Obviously my third line was a combination of my first two lines and failed to win anything too.

As things now stand, I still have my slender lead of £64.10.

Current Scores are;

Me -£362.46 v -£426.56 Wor Shitus

Dagenham & Redbridge 0 - 0 Millwall


For next weekend I am going to go for a £50 four-fold.  I will get the odds for this bet later in the week but here’s my tips now.  Get on; Chelsea to win against Sunderland, Tottenham to beat Wolves, Cardiff to win at Doncaster and Southampton to win at Nottingham Forest.

Chelsea to beat Sunderland


Friday (13th January) is the beginning of the Battle of the Bands North East 2012.

The Battle of the Bands is held at Coatham Bowl in Redcar, with heats being held every Friday from 13th January to 2nd March.  The final is to be held on 9th March.

Entry to any of the heats is priced at £5, payable on the door.

Click here to view details of the Battle of the Bands on Facebook.

Battle of the Bands 2012


The first heat in the Battle of the Bands is this Friday.  I would recommend checking out this heat as you will get a chance to see The Stroll perform live.  I’m gonna be going and making a night of it.

If you haven’t heard of The Stroll yet you obviously haven’t been keeping up to date with my musical recommendations and I can gladly assist you with your suicide, just because I’m really fukkin nice like that!

However, if you value your life and enjoy good music, I urge you to check out The Stroll on ReverbNation and like their Facebook page.  This is a band on the up, so get on it now!

If you haven’t read my blog recommending that you listen to The Stroll then click the link below.

Also check out their latest track ‘Searching‘.

Me talking shit to Josh Pringle of The Stroll


The Stroll are also headlining my next event at The Telegraph on Orchard Street in Newcastle on Friday 3rd February 2012.  Check out the event on Facebook or my latest music blog.

Also playing at this event are Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze, l87 of Sublevel2 and Artisam.

Entry for this event is priced at £3 on the door.

The Telegraph - 3rd February 2012


Seeing as I’m still entitled to my 20% of the profit on the EP, I might as well take this opportunity to try push my old band, Downtown Lester Brown‘s, debut EP, ‘Love & Other Diseases‘, seeing as none of the remaining members of the band have bothered their lazy, unambitious arses trying to publicise it.

Love & Other Diseases’ is available for digital download at the following places, simply click the name of the site.

iTunes £5.53

Amazon £4.49

Fairshare £5.99

eMusic £2.94

Tunetribe £4.83

Tradebit £5.83

7digital £4.49

(prices exchanged from US Dollars are correct with today’s current exchange rates.)

Love & Other Diseases - Downtown Lester Brown

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