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A Public Service Announcement

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We’re at the middle of the month and musically there’s still a lot on offer this month. Depending on where Ed Zachary you’re based and/or how far you’re willing to travel in the quest of good music then you could be in for a treat with live performances from some of my favourite acts from across the region making appearances at various venues, including BiG BEAT BRONSON headlining the last Mallaz presents… live music event, Teesside-based Head Of Light Entertainment gracing Sunderland twice and Emergency Door Release’s second EP launch party. There’s also a couple of good night’s out in Newcastle to be had.

With this blog I’ll give you the run-down on some of the musical happenings in the region that get the ‘two thumbs up’ from me. The key event of this month for me though is obviously the last live music event that I intend on organising for the foreseeable future. I have put everything in place for my final event, an exclusive ticket only affair at The Bridge Hotel headlined by Big Beat Bronson on Friday 28th September. Tickets for this event must be bought in advance and are only available from

Mallaz presents… BiG BEAT BRONSON (Exclusive & Intimate) at The Bridge

After regularly running live music events in Newcastle since the beginning of the year, tickets are now available for the final Mallaz presents… event for the foreseeable future. I’ve decided to put my promotional career on hold to pursue more creative ventures and deviant misadventures.

My last live music event will be an EXCLUSIVE TICKET ONLY event held at The Bridge Hotel (map) on Friday 28th September.

Mallaz presents… BiG BEAT BRONSON (Exclusive & Intimate) at The Bridge will be a TICKET ONLY event and tickets must be purchased in advance from one of the individual links at where each act has a separate link with their ticket allocation so that ticket sales can be accurately monitored and acts fairly paid. No cash will be handled on the door at the venue and there will be STRICTLY NO ADMISSION WITHOUT TICKETS, which are exclusively available from

Three acts will be performing at this exclusive showcase and the curtain call on Mallaz presents… live music events. They are three acts whose musical talent I hold in very high regard.


(ticket link)

Headlining this exclusive finale is, perhaps fittingly, Newcastle’s hottest musical prospect BiG BEAT BRONSON. Before UK Hip Hop’s Dynamic Duo Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze officially joined forces with the exceptionally talented vocalist Eliza Lawson & DJ Lkp, Baron & Breeze were performing as a pairing before Eliza became involved, often appearing as a guest vocalist just as she did when Baron, Breeze and Eliza performed a set at my first official event at The Telegraph in Newcastle on Friday 3rd February.

BiG BEAT BRONSON recently released their EP entitled May Contain Nuts and sold out The O2 Academy 2 for the EP’s launch night in August. They have not only been my favourite artists to work with over this short period of time but also the act to have made the most progression. Bands have lost and replaced members, some have even split and some have simply failed to gig and have faded into obscurity, whereas BiG BEAT BRONSON have gone from strength to strength and received acclaimed reviews.


(ticket link)

Supporting BiG BEAT BRONSON are Teesside’s premier skiffletronica act Werbeniuk, a band that have a unique set-up consisting of 4 singers, 3 drummers, 2 Basses, guitar, samples and percussion. They are a gathering of 80s, 90s and 00s Teesside music scene stalwarts singing songs about sheep, nuns and vomit. Werbeniuk’s brilliantly individualistic style combines wonderful use of percussion, expertly composed rhythm and intensely clever lyrics. Described by NARC magazine as “Bonkers … batshit … brilliantly mental”, Werbeniuk’s honest approach to music makes their sound highly addictive.

Gingersnap & The Style Pile

(ticket link)

Also in support I have Gingersnap & The Style Pile. Newcastle-based party band Gingersnap & The Style Pile play a unique fusion of Upbeat Soul, Funk and Reggae. This summer the five-piece act graced The Green Stage at Newcastle’s Community Green Festival and recently supported Teesside-based Head Of Light Entertainment in another ‘Mallaz presents…’ event at The Cluny 2, one of Newcastle’s most reputable live music venues.

This last ‘Mallaz presents…’ event is an EXCLUSIVE TICKET ONLY event and tickets must be purchased in advance through using the individual links for each acts allocation of tickets. STRICTLY NO ADMISSION WITHOUT TICKETS.

(Individual links for each act’s ticket allocation)


Werbeniuk –

Gingersnap & The Style Pile –

Grapevine at The Dog & Parrot


Grapevine is a night of Motown, Soul, Doo-Wop and Northern Soul music hosted by four of my friends, two of who are actually former flatmates of mine, and is staged at The Dog & Parrot once a fortnight, on the first and third Friday of the month.

The next Grapevine event is on Friday 21st September and will feature classic footage on the projector wall, a hardwood dancefloor, a roof terrace, drinks offers and our incomparable selection of music – all for just £3 on the door. (Facebook Event)

Follow Grapevine at The Dog & Parrot.

Facebook –

Twitter – (@Grapevine_4)

Head Of Light Entertainment in Sunderland Twice

Unique and quirky Teesside-based Head Of Light Entertainment began life as a solo act with just Carl Green but has now grown into a quartet with the debut of their new drummer Graeme at the latest Mallaz presents… live music event at The Cluny 2 at the arse-end of last month. Head Of Light Entertainment are an outrageously talented act combining their distinctive bouncy Head Pop with some of the most intelligent and witty lyrics that you’ll ever likely hear. I also suspect that there is more than simply tryin to progress their sound that can be attributed to Head Of Light Entertainment’s line-up steadily increasing in numbers. Along with the other two band members Simone and John, I have found them to be some of the most down-to-earth, genuine, friendly and sociable musicians I have ever met.

I would highly recommend getting down to a live Head Of Light Entertainment performance and staring at the band as they perform, even if it does mean travelling down to the land that time forgot and that’s Ed Zachary where you can catch them this month. Firstly, they perform at Sunderland’s Bar One on Thursday 20th September and secondly, the following week on Thursday 27th September, Head Of Light Entertainment will play at The Ivy House Pub in Sunderland.

I’d also urge you to invest in their two albums I Am Liberated and The English Don’t Care, the second of which may be the most expertly crafted work of art the region has produced since John Martin’s painting The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

SubLevel2 sponsored by Redemption Clothing

On Saturday 22nd September at The Head of Steam in Newcastle is SubLevel2. They’re now sponsored by, as worn by yours truly. Join SubLevel2 for a night of Hip Hop, Dub and Drum & Bass from 11pm until 3am. Entry for this event is free.

Before that there is another SubLevel2 event this coming Monday (17th September). This is another free event also held at The Head of Steam. Monday night Reggae and Dub takes place between 10pm-2am.

Emergency Door Release – Bowties & Butterflies EP Launch

For those seeking an evening’s entertainment for tomorrow you need look no further than The Cluny 2, where another local favourite of mine Indie Pop band Emergency Door Release host the launch of their second EP Bowties & Butterflies. Emergency Door Release only began performing live this year but in March released their debut EP, Who Are We?

(Click here for my review of Who Are We?)

Emergency Door Release will be supported by The Mojags and Greg Genre & Box Box and tickets are only £5 available from until late tonight. Entry will then be payable on the door for those without tickets.

For tickets –

Hopefully these events cater for your live North East entertainment for the remainder of the month.

A Mallaz Announcement!

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And So, The Mallaz Era Begins…

I’m here to make an announcement, well a couple of announcements actually. Due to hosting issues with my webhost, I’m back temporarily using this old blog for my witterings and gobshite ramblings until I get up and running fully armed and operational. Also, I may seem less vocal of late but I can confirm that I’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes both in preparation for and other Mallaz Empire related projects that are in their early phases. So just watch this fukkin space!


The very first point that I need to make is my disclaimer. You know of me by now and you know I speak my mind, no holds barred. Whether you like it or not, I couldn’t give two shits! I do what I do and it’s served me well so far. However, recent developments mean that Mallaz is no longer just an entity or one man working alone. Progress has been made and further negotiations are underway to expand The Mallaz Entity into The Mallaz Empire.

So to clarify, unless otherwise stated, any opinions, points of view or even praise and insults that I express on this blog, (when it’s eventually back in business) or any of my social networking profiles (such as Twitter, Facebook, my Facebook pages for my live music events Mallaz presents…, Horrorshow Artwork, Mallaz Music Management or Soundcloud etc) are my opinions, in my words, and are in no way connected to any person, brand or product that I am in any way affiliated with. I speak my mind and nobody else’s and I speak only for me.

Now that my disclaimer is out of the way, I can get on with some of my recent news. Reet, now to get cracking with some informative knacking.


Mallaz presents… BiG BEAT BRONSON (Exclusive & Intimate)

At The Bridge Hotel (map), Friday 28th September 2012

Exclusive eTicket Link

I may quite possibly have landed the mother of all intimate live music events in North East history!

Very recently local music heavyweights Baron Von Alias, MistaBreeze, Eliza Lawson & DJ Lkp combined their various talents to form BiG BEAT BRONSON. They debuted under the new guise at Mallaz presents… BiG BEAT BRONSON at The Cluny 2 on 7th July.

Following on from that incredible introductory showcase, the BiG BEAT BRONSON tribe released the much anticipated ‘May Contain Nuts’ EP in the first week of August and ‘May Contain Nuts’ proved to be well worth the wait, receiving several impressive reviews and much radio play.

A couple of weeks later came the ‘May Contain Nuts’ EP Launch Party at the highly-acclaimed O2 Academy 2 in Newcastle which, despite it’s relatively grand capacity, BiG BEAT BRONSON almost single-handedly sold out the O2 Academy 2 on their own merit. That’s no mean feat. The Academy 2 holds just shy of 400 people and BiG BEAT BRONSON are a group who are growing in magnitude and selling out any local venue that you put them in.

So now you’re wondering is how in the hell I have managed to swing a gig where the rapidly rising BiG BEAT BRONSON will play a highly exclusive and intimate gig in a venue that holds a mere 100 people?

Well, those of you who know of my work will know that I have been banging the drum for the BiG BEAT BRONSON cause since The Baron & Breeze days and can even make the claim that I am one of their most vocal supporters. I even list Steesh (the producer and brains behind Baron Von Alias and therefore BiG BEAT BRONSON) as one of my biggest musical inspirations, having learnt a lot through conversations with the man I claim to be a modern day genius! The confidence in their ability and the thought that they put into each and every live performance is second to none, yet it is in no way overshadowed by any form of arrogance as they manage to remain more humble than most musicians despite being Newcastle’s hottest musical product at the minute and having more right to brag and boast than any local act.

Many BiG BEAT BRONSON fans who decided to put off buying tickets for the EP launch at the O2 Academy found tickets difficult to acquire during the build up to the event and should hopefully have learnt from that experience that tickets are invented for a reason. That was a venue holding almost 400% more capacity than this intimate event at The Bridge Hotel and due to the limited capacity, yet another sell-out is expected.

In basic terms, BiG BEAT BRONSON will sell out venues with ease and for this event, being held at The Bridge Hotel, tickets are in very limited supply. Buy now, not five minutes time, not next week, not “oh I’ll do it soon”. This is BiG BEAT BRONSON performing at an intimate venue with only a handful of available tickets, IT WILL SELL OUT. Don’t get left behind crying that there’s no tickets left, this is your opportunity to ensure you don’t miss out.

It took a lot of extensive negotiations and more activity in the favour exchange market than Chelsea FC during a transfer window to book this highly-reputed and soon to be constantly in demand act. BiG BEAT BRONSON will fill any room in which they play and The Bridge Hotel is a venue that has to feel privileged to be hosting an event with the saviours of Newcastle’s music scene.

Support for this event will be provided by;

Teesside’s premier skiffletronica act Werbeniuk, a band singing songs about sheep, nuns and vomit.


Newcastle-based funky party band Gingersnap & The Style Pile, now under the guidance of Mallaz Music Management.

This exclusive and intimate BiG BEAT BRONSON event is brought to you by Mallaz Presents…

Exclusive tickets are available from –

Mallaz Music Management

The Mallaz Entity is currently expanding into an empire with its latest addition, Mallaz Music Management, being added to my constantly growing portfolio; including where it all began in art with Horrorshow Artwork and my live music events extension of The Mallaz Entity, Mallaz presents…, which ironically has begun to flourish since the demise of Order 66’s monthly nights of live music at The Telegraph.

This latest extension of The Mallaz Entity, the Mallaz Music Management division has been added to the empire due to being recruited as manager and promoter of Gingersnap & The Style Pile.

 Gingersnap & The Style Pile are now the third band that I have managed and/or promoted, however they are the first to show enough talent and promise to warrant an all out promotional push and have the ability to make it bigger than the two previous failed bands that I have managed.

The first band I managed, Casino, folded due to their singer Richard cancelling their last two ever scheduled gigs. Richard was also brought in by Ben, who along with me co-founded Downtown Lester Brown, a band unheard of since my departure which again was mostly down to Richard and his unwarranted god complex after playing a small venue in front of thirty-odd paying customers. Despite his ego-driven superstar status, Richard the Musical Rapist has failed to achieve any level of success in music within ten years of being in and/or ruining bands.

On the other hand, Gingersnap & The Style Pile are a unique product that I had dubbed “Newcastle’s Ultimate Party Band” even long before being asked to become involved with them. Their quirky fusion of Funk, Ska and Reggae complete with Dan on the Sax and Cool Eddie on Bass as well as Gingersnap herself, Joanne, on vocals with her distinctive voice and beautiful red hair (gingers have the same effect on me as Kryptonite does on Superman), the First Dan on Drums and my pal Hal on the Guitar. The Style Pile are looking to extend their tribe and add a tromboner as well as the odd occasions where I join the band on stage and play Air Guitar, although we did have issues with a snapped string and feedback from said Air Guitar when Gingersnap & The Style Pile performed a supporting slot at Mallaz presents… Head Of Light Entertainment at The Cluny 2.

My first job as the curator of the funkadelic nature in Gingersnap & The Style Pile is boosting their profile, acquiring supporting slots and arranging live events. As well as pushing them to have at minimum an EP recorded and ready for pushing in the very near future. To contact me for anything related to Gingersnap & The Style Pile drop me an email at –

In the meantime click on the following links to Gingersnap & The Style Pile’s online profiles.





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God made it easy on me...

You Beastly Bastard!

Wednesday was my birthday.  I fukkin hate my birthday but a new bucket hat and a Happy Mondays ticket, for the O2 Academy in Newcastle on May 4th, helped to ease the blow.  As also did Swede Mason, who released another video onto YouTube on my birthday.  Check out Swede Mason’s YouTube channel on this link and subscribe for future releases.

Swede Mason on YouTube

Swede Mason’s new track is titled ‘Well bugger to you, you Beastly Bastard’ and is totally typical of Swede Mason.  More video sampled and cut into a new video with added beats to create an incredible audio-visual collage.  While ‘Well bugger to you, you Beastly Bastard’ may not be Swede Mason’s greatest work his genius is unrivalled.  It is still a truly epic work, however in my opinion not as brilliant as ‘Jeremy Clarkson’s Beatbox’ or ‘Bill Wyman’s Metal Detector’ to name but a few.

Apparently, according to Clair, the video for this track is taken from The King’s Speech or something.  I’ve never heard of it or seen it, but then I’m not Ed Zachary a film buff.

Well Bugger to you, you Beastly Bastard’ is vulgar, repetitive and really quite childish, yet it is amusing, entertaining and quite frankly fukkin fantastic!

Check out Swede Mason latest work on the link below.

Swede Mason – Well bugger to you, you Beastly Bastard 

Also check out my blog about Swede Mason in my musical recommendations category or on the next link, where you’ll find links to some of my favourite Swede Mason tracks.

Swede Mason Blog

Some Recommendations

While I’m on the subject of music, I may as well drop a couple of recommendations.


I’ll start with Brotha Priah, another musician who does something a bit different.  Priah is a massively underrated artist who is starting the make an impression on the North East music scene and has the potential and drive to go a long way.

Brotha Priah uses a Boss RC-300 looping station and a Kaosspad to build up tracks on the spot.  What makes it all the more impressive however is that Priah makes all of the sounds with his voice, beat-boxing beats, harmonies and bass-lines and looping them to create unique tracks.  He has an exceptional talent and is extremely passionate about music.  Priah explains it better than me, so click on the following link for a video of Priah explaining how he does what he does.

Brotha Priah – Boss RC-300 + Kaosspad 3 Intro 

Don’t forget to subscribe to Brotha Priah’s YouTube channel.

Brotha Priah on YouTube

I first noticed Brotha Priah when I seen him performing at SubLevel2 at The Head of Steam a while back.  He was one of the artists the particularly stood out that night, in amongst local Hip Hop heavyweights Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze and Rick Fury.  Read my take on that night on this link;

As I mentioned, Priah is starting to build his reputation on the North East music scene, particularly with the Hip Hop, DubStep and Drum n Bass crowds and is quickly becoming one of the usual suspects at live events in the region.  With a few live performances coming up in April, including Rex Regis’ album launch, on 11th, and The Warehouse Party, on 28th, Priah is starting to make his mark.

He’s also performing at my gig, The Egg at The Telegraph, Orchard Street, Newcastle on Saturday.  Click the next links for more information on The Egg.

The Egg

Facebook Event


Whilst on the theme of artists with individuality, my next recommendation is a band so unique that they don’t fit inside any standard genre classification.

Honey Chrome’s sound is a marvellous mash-up of many genres, with many different influences.  Not only do Honey Chrome differ from every other band, each of their tracks differs in style and sound from each other.

With Honey Chrome there’s synthetic bass, heavy drums, rocking guitars and distorted vocals aplenty.  Call it whatever you want, there’s a bit of everything in there.  You’ll notice influences from many different artists within Honey Chrome’s sound and they bring it all together in a brilliantly orchestrated fusion.  The effects are truly profound.

Honey Chrome

I think my favourite Honey Chrome tracks so far are ‘I Think I Luv U’ and ‘Fractured Days’.  As afore mentioned, Honey Chrome’s style and sound changes between tracks and those two are more mellow and more suited to my tastes than the heavier ‘Mind Machine’, which would have plenty of appeal with Rock and Heavy Metal fans.

Honey Chrome are playing in Stockton on Tees tonight at The Sun Inn along with The Skank Sinatra & Friends Show and Dressed Like Wolves.  Doors open at 7.30pm, find further details of that on this link;

I have also got Honey Chrome booked to perform at two events for me in May.  They will be playing at The Telegraph on Friday 4th May and at The Troll at The Bridge, at The Bridge Hotel in Newcastle on Saturday 19th May.  Check out the video of Honey Chrome performing live at The Telegraph at my gig in March on this next link.

Honey Chrome – I Think I Luv U (live at The Telegraph) 

Details of the May 4th gig at The Telegraph are still to be confirmed.

The Troll at The Bridge on Saturday 19th May is being held at The Bridge Hotel, Castle Garth, Newcastle upon Tyne.  Entry is £3 payable on door.  Doors open at 7.30pm and the event will run until 11pm.  Also performing that night will be local Indie Pop sensation Emergency Door Release, the ever-impressive Alternative act Artisam and Funk-Rock band Downtown Lester Brown.

Check out Honey Chrome’s website –

And check out the Facebook Event for The Troll at The Bridge and the four acts involved on the following links.

The Troll at The Bridge 

Honey Chrome

Emergency Door Release


Downtown Lester Brown


After what feels like a lifetime in waiting, it’s almost finally here. Tomorrow night at The Telegraph on Orchard Street, behind Newcastle’s Central Station is The Egg!

The Egg is a night of live music and a whole new experience.  A culmination of artists from across a wide range of genres, The Egg offers something for every musical taste.  There’s the notorious Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze with the awesome Eliza Lawson delivering North East Hip Hop with a comic book twist.  Another of the main highlights are the epically vibrant Funky Ska band Ginger Snap & The Style Pile giving you something to dance to.  Artisam, who are also performing The Troll at The Bridge, will be performing as a five-piece for the first time after the addition of their new drummer and fiddler.  We’ll also have some Krautedelic Electro Fuzz from Parastatic, something I’m really looking forward to seeing live.  As mentioned earlier there’ll also be a live Beat-Boxing performance by the up-and-coming Brotha Priah with his looping station and Kaosspad.  There’s also some acoustic brilliance in the form of Baiqian Jiang and his fingerstyle and a DJ set from Greenline DJ, also known as Dj Id.

Seven different artists on a night that runs til 2am for a paltry £4 is a steal!

Doors open at 7.30pm and the £4 entry is payable on the door.

Further information about The Egg can be found on my blog, along with links to each artist, or on the Facebook on the two links below.

The Egg

Facebook Event

Ginger Snap Jam (photo by Andrew Jessop)

Follow me on Twitter – @Mallaz84

Subscribe to my YouTube channel –

And like my Facebook page –

And now some shit in the news that made me laugh…

I was on Twitter yesterday morning and my timeline was flooded with shit about Samantha Brick, she was also trending.

Now I’d never heard of her and I’m a naturally inquisitive bastard.  So I looked and up, and here’s the jist of what her crack is…

Samantha Brick is some random, moderately attractive, middle-aged blonde writer from The Daily Mail, who wrote an article earlier this week whining on about how difficult life is being beautiful.

Here’s a link to the article, have a gander;

Throughout the article this self-obsessed woman bemoans the strains that her supposed beauty causes her, from bitchy bosses to jealous girlfriends.  She claims that women hate her for no other reason but her “lovely looks.

Samantha Brick’s arrogance and up-your-own-arsery become glaringly apparent with this quote from the article, “Unfortunately women find nothing more annoying than someone else being the most attractive girl in a room.”  Pretty full of herself for someone who claims has many clients who are models, and also doing well on casting gender stereotypes.  She also claims to be “tall, slim, blonde” and often told that she is “good-looking”.

I don’t know about slim though flower… I see a bit of a pot-belly thing going on there.  Have a look at the photos and see if you agree.  She’s also got quite chunky, stumpy looking legs.  To claim she’s “slim” is slightly hopeful.  She’s not in terrible shape for a middle-aged woman of forty-one, but she’s not shaped like Gwen Stefani or Elizabeth Hurley!

As I said before, she’s only moderately good-looking.  In my opinion she’s got a dodgy-looking nose and a freaky, weird smile.  She’s got kind of a Miss Piggy-like face.

At the end of the article she claims to be “probably one of very few women entering their fifth decade welcoming the decline of my looks.”  A statement that seemingly contradicts herself as earlier in the article she stated she works at her appearance.  She works out, doesn’t drink or smoke and rarely eats chocolate.  Not really the actions of a woman in her early forties welcoming the decline of her looks is it?

I’m not even gonna touch that her husband is a Frenchman and wearing soldier clobber in the photos, that’s too easy.

Samantha Brick is a deluded, self-obsessed attention-seeker and I’m bewildered as to why a newspaper would publish such nonsensical bull-shit written to solely to pander the author’s ego.  I mean, that’s not fukkin news is it???

And as if that twaddle wasn’t ridiculous enough for you, the backlash from Samantha Brick spawned another article, this time by Tim Dowling for The Guardian.  You can read that on this next link.

This is yet another prime example of up-your-own-arsery by a self-obsessed, egotistical twat.  Tim Dowling claims that men envy him for his looks.  In my experience most men couldn’t give two shits about how another man looks, the competitive element lies in other things, like sports for example.

I think anyone who uses phrases such as “brooding”, “chiselled jaw” and “soulful, beseeching eyes” to describe themselves appears to be either a purely pretentious cunt or pitching themselves on a lonely hearts dating website.

Tim Dowling prattles on that if you’re a man you probably find him a threat.  One statement that stood out for me was, “I can’t tell you how many male acquaintance shave stopped speaking to me over the years for petty reasons (unpaid debts, being alleged source of unpleasant rumour, refusal to appear as character witness), when jealousy is the transparent cause.

Yeah, sure people start to lose patience and you will fall foul of people if you don’t pay your debts.  As for refusing to be a character witness for a friend, either the friend is a complete scum-bag of Tim Dowling blatantly refused to help a friend in need.  I wonder if the reference was for a job or for court, as he fails to mention any specifics.  Either way it’s pretty shitty and I wouldn’t be best impressed if a so-called mate refused to help where they could in such situations, unless of course it was a seriously bad crime.

He claims also to know exactly how many men have been angered enough by his face to want to punch it.  For some reason I suspect it may be his arrogant, pretentious, self-absorbed attitude that makes people want to smash his fukkin face in, rather than how his face looks.

There is also no mention of Tim Dowling having a partner within the article.  I suspect this is also related to him being a Grade-A plum!


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Hal, Andy and Joanne of Ginger Snap & The Style Pile

Saturday night’s gig at The Telegraph (3rd March) was awesome and I’ve had some great feedback from everyone involved and people who attended.  It was a historical night on several counts too.  It was the first event that I have run so far to turn a profit and for the first time I was actually able to pay the bands, not a great deal admittedly, but anything is better than nothing.  It was also the first time the massively underrated Honey Chrome were paid for a performance and they were very well received by the majority of the crowd.  Emergency Door Release also added their own bit of history to the evening and done me the honour of choosing this gig to launch their debut EP ‘Who Are We?’  So I suppose I’ll return the favour and start off with them.

James Rooney of Emergency Door Release... Boom!

Emergency Door Release                                                                     

As afore mentioned, Emergency Door Release used Saturday’s gig as their debut EP launch, giving out free copies of ‘Who Are We?’ to anyone who wanted one.  I got mine, so if you missed out… unlucky!

Who Are We? – EP Review Blog

Who Are We?’ was certainly launched in style as Emergency Door Release played with an energetic passion and enthusiasm.  Vocalist James Rooney was certainly enjoying himself, which was evident from his relentless dancing about on our make-shift stage, and the sweat that was visibly dripping from him by the end of the set.  The whole band play with an unbelievable momentum and are highly entertaining to see perform live.

Self-described as an “Indie Pop Rock” band, Emergency Door Release are a far cry from some of the whiny generic and repugnantly ignorant and arrogant bands that I played with during my time in my old band at Too Far North gigs.  Emergency Door Release are a sociable bunch of lads and participated with the banter and the vibe that the night had.

They performed all four tracks from their EP with professional precision during their set and were thoroughly entertaining.  An amazing set involving confetti and sacks full of fun was brought to an end with the title track from ‘Who Are We?’ which, in my opinion, is their strongest track.  Strongest track so far, that is, because Emergency Door Release have the talent and drive to go from strength to strength.  The enjoyment they take from what they’re doing is obvious for all to see and their confidence in their ability is perfectly balanced by their humility.  For Emergency Door Release it’s all about playing music and having fun!

Check out the videos of Emergency Door Release performing on Saturday by clicking the links below.

Emergency Door Release – Just Begun

Emergency Door Release – Who Are We?

Check out Emergency Door Release on the following links.



Rockin with Rooney!

Emergency Door Release’s next live performance is on Saturday 17th March, St. Patrick’s Day.  They’re playing Lionfest at The Golden Lion in Jarrow, South Tyneside.  I wasn’t informed of this until I’d published my March Gig Guide, but eight bands spread over nine hours and plenty of Guinness sure sounds good to me.  Check it out on the Facebook event on this link;

I’ve also got Emergency Door Release book to perform for me again on Saturday 19th May at The Bridge Hotel on Castle Square in Newcastle.  I’m looking forward to working with them again and more details of this event will follow in the near future.

Honey Chrome

Honey Chrome

The surprise package of the evening was undoubtedly Honey Chrome.  This two and a half man band (guitarist /angry Buddhist Dan is relentlessly amputating pieces of his body in his own twisted sense of Karma) have enough super-advanced technological equipment to give NASA the gadget version of penis envy and they used that equipment to open the gig with an unexpected bang and introduced us to their “madness”.  What Honey Chrome do is use their advanced alien technology to channel transmissions from another galaxy and then play you the national anthems from countries on a foreign planet at very loud volume!

"Who needs fingers and feet anyway???" - Dan, Honey Chrome

Click the link below to see Honey Chrome opening the night with ‘I Think I Luv U’.

Honey Chrome – I Think I Luv U

Honey Chrome are an underrated act who are often overlooked by promoters due to the fact that they cannot be defined by any particular genre of music.  Why the narrowness of mind though?  How do you know you don’t like something if you’ve never tried it before?  It is this individuality and their unique sound that I recruited them for!

As soon as they kicked off the night I was receiving positive feedback a good cross-section of the people there.  Sound-Guy Rob was particularly impressed, as were the other bands and admittedly, I was also blown away!  Even I never expected Honey Chrome to serve up something of that magnitude!

Despite, or maybe because of, the fact that these lads are crazier than a sack of rabid ferrets, they totally get the vision behind everything I am trying to do with music and how things need to be shaken up.  Honey Chrome will not be put into any genre box, there’s not one that will accept them.  It doesn’t have to make sense, but it does sound fukkin good!

Look Honey Chrome up on their website – and check out more of their music.  I would also read the information on the band.  These are two and a half men are really interesting characters, with a really unique sound.  Also click the link below for their Facebook page YouTube channel, seeing as that’s what all the kids are doing these days.



This is what Honey Chrome had to say about Saturday;

Blig of the Blog


Last night at the telegraph was a monster night. More fun than jellied eels!! Really. Many thanks to mallaz for sorting it all out. Genre mash up nights are defo the way forward and its sooo good to find a place to hear great music. Gingersnap and the style pile finnished the night and were better than a box of wolves nipple chips. We’re playing again at the telegraph on may 4th. Should be good to see whos on that one with us… I fancy a bit of gypsy polka punk, myself.

New vids and pics to go up in the next couple of days, happy goldfish tuesday, one and all!! (hungover/still drunk:)

Genre mash up nights…  Genre mash up music anyone?  Try some Honey!

Mind-Boggling Alien Technology at Work.

I had so much positive feedback about Honey Chrome and was so personally impressed by them that I have booked them to play for me at The Telegraph again on Friday 4th May.  If, like me, you’re an impatient little bastard, then you could catch Honey Chrome playing at The Sun Inn in Middlesbrough on 6th April.  If that’s too far or too smoggy for you to get to then they are also competing at a battle of the bands at Trillians in Newcastle on 25th April.

Joseph, Georgia and Phil of The Shake Appeal

The Shake Appeal

The South Tyneside based Alternative Rock band The Shake Appeal were the second act to perform on the night.  They performed a strong and well executed set.  They also play some very cool tracks.  Photo Dave’s video of The Shake Appeal performing ‘You Want Me?’ from Friday can be found on the below link.

The Shake Appeal – You Want Me?

Phil, Matthew and Jordan of The Shake Appeal

The Shake Appeal’s next live performance is at Plugged Inn in Sunderland on 20th April, where they will be playing with The Creep Void among other acts.  Check The Shake Appeal out on Facebook on the link below.


Ginger Snap & The Style Pile

This night always promised to end in spectacular fashion with Ginger Snap & The Style Pile and they certainly didn’t fail to deliver.  From what I have seen up until now, Ginger Snap & The Style Pile are hands down Newcastle’s ultimate party band!

If you can find a band that can create a vibe and atmosphere half as good as these guys do then please, feel free to send their contact details my way!  They are quite frankly awesome!

Everything about this band epitomises cool.  From their name, to their sound, to the colour of their singer’s hair and the braces on their saxophone player… all cooler than the cubes in a polar bear’s cola!

Andy and Joanne

Singer Joanne ‘Ginger Snap’ Robson has a truly amazing voice and Hal on guitars combines brilliantly with Andy on wind to create a wonderfully upbeat Funky Ska flavour, which is perfectly enhanced by the Acid Jazz ingredients added by drummer Dan and Eddie on bass.  Eddie seemed to be a man of few words but is as cool as they come.  I can’t say it enough times, Ginger Snap & The Style Pile are absolutely fukkin amazing!

Watch the video of Ginger Snap and The Style Pile performing ‘Your Own Boss’ at The Telegraph on Saturday by clicking the link below.  It’s an excellent track!

Ginger Snap & The Style Pile – Your Own Boss

Cool Eddie

They brought the night’s proceedings to an epic finale with a Ginger Snap Jam, which even included me on air guitar and sax, dancing with Hal and Andy.  It was a total party atmosphere.  Ed Zachary as I had expected from a band that I hold in such high esteem.  I loved every second of Ginger Snap & The Style Pile’s set and it was truly the ultimate finish to what is, in my own personal opinion, the best event I have run… so far!

Ginger Snap Jam (photo by Andrew Jessop)

Ginger Snap & The Style Pile are confirmed to play on Saturday 7th April at ‘The Egg’, which is my next gig at The Telegraph and will be running until 2am.  Check them out on Facebook, on the link below and like their page to be kept updated on their shenanigans!


Drummist Dan

Thanks again to Photo Dave of David Johnston Photography for the photos and the video footage.  Check Dave’s work out on Facebook, where you can find his contact details if you’d like to commission him for work.  The same goes for Rob Waters of Sessions Newcastle for PA hire and sound engineering.  Thanks to both of you for such excellent work.

David Johnston Photography on Facebook

Sessions Newcastle on Facebook

Hal Admires His Reflection...

Also thanks to all of the bands for playing such great music and everybody who attended for help making it such an excellent atmosphere and creating that party vibe that I have been craving for so long!

Stand by for more musical recommendations from me and also details of my next even ‘The Egg’ at The Telegraph on Saturday 7th April, to celebrate the Easter weekend and also my birthday which is on the 4th.

Although Saturday was a success, it is still just the beginning.  The end goal is to create a party atmosphere and a live music scene in Newcastle that has the aura of a massive house party.  It’s about creating an environment where people can come and socialise, meet new people and play or listen to cool music from across all different musical genres.  Most of all, it’s about having fun.

I have now worked with several acts, across various genres who understand this vision and fit the bill perfectly.  I look forward to working with each of them again and am also always on the lookout for anyone else who can make music that stands out and enjoy a party.  If you can offer that then email me on – with a brief description and links to where I can hear your music and contact detail, obviously.

For the full video playlist of Saturday’s gig at The Telegraph, recorded by Photo Dave of David Johnston Photography, then click on the link below.  Then just sit back and enjoy…

The Telegraph – 3rd March 2012


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Sunday 4th March 2012

Yesterday was the big Tyne-Wear Derby and, although not as brilliant as last season’s 5-1 Demolition Derby, it was a brilliant game for the neutral.  As a Newcastle fan, I see it as two points dropped against a weaker side, same as the draw against Wolves before that.  Despite the injury time equaliser from the Mackem Slayer, Shola Ameobi, feeling like a winning goal at the time on the sole basis that it meant that the Mackems had failed to beat us once in the last five meetings, we had a poor first half but in the second half we hammered them and had the best of them over the course of the whole game.

According to some statistical stuff that you can find by clicking the link below, we had 29 attempts on goal compared to their MASSIVE 8The Toon had 19 corners, whereas the Sad Mackem Bastards had a HUGE total of 4.  We also dominated the game with 63% of the possession.

Even though 71% of all statistics are just made up on the spot, and statistics don’t lie, only statisticians, here’s where I sourced these ones.

We were the better team and should have beaten the SMB.

The best place I’ve found for online video highlights of this exciting and adrenaline-pumping, yet bitterly disappointing encounter are through the next link, so why not have a gander for yourselves?

The game got off to a fierce start when Lee Cattermole was booked for one of his typically idiotic and overeager challenges on Cheick Tiote within 40 seconds.  A later foul against Tiote on Cattermole was given, although in my opinion (and if you watch the incident on the highlights) Tiote wins the ball, doesn’t touch Cattermole with his legs and at most it was a slight nudge.

This huge game at St. James’ Park was refereed poorly by Mike Dean, who is not held in the highest regard by Toon fans after he cost us the game against Chelsea, when he failed to send off David Luiz for an undisputable red card offence in the first few minutes.

Mike Dean – Chelsea Game Blog

Then about 20 minutes into the game Dean could easily have sent Sunderland’s James McClean (who?) off for a mindless tackle on Danny Simpson, which sparked all kinds of kick off’s after Simpson reacted and players from both sides got involved.  There was absolutely no need for McClean to make such a dangerous challenge on Danny Simpson inside our box and in so many other games a tackle like that would have earned a straight red card.  McClean was booked for the foul though.

The Toon had a terrible first half and the worst moment of that came on 24 minutes, when Mike Williamson stupidly gave away a penalty after he was justifiably penalised for pulling on Michael Turner’s (never heard of him either?) shirt.  It was a stupid penalty to give away as Turner was in no danger of doing anything constructive and this moment of idiocy earned Williamson a yellow card and the SMB a penalty.  Petty criminal, Nicklas Bendtner converted the resulting spot kick, although Tim Krul did get close to the well-taken penalty down in his bottom right-hand corner, and the SMB were one goal to the good.  Well done Williamson, you massive daft plank!

Newcastle United 0-1 Sunderland (Bendtner pen. 24)

Bendtner scores a penalty after 24 minutes.

Tim Krul was yet again in sublime form in between the posts for adding further weight to my belief that he will become a better goalkeeper than Peter Schmeichel ever was.  With the SMB leading 1-0 Bendtner could have grabbed a second when his wicked strike was stopped by a fine Krul save.

Tim Krul Will Be Better Than Peter Schmeichel Ever Was Blog

Even though we were considerably poor in the first half, we did create a few chances in the first half.  Fabricio Coloccini forced a good save from Simon Mignolet after winning a back post header and Demba Ba struck the cross-bar after Ryan Taylor had swung in a corner that he had earned when his shot had been deflected.

Half Time – Newcastle United 0-1 Sunderland

We went into half time 1-0 down after a woeful first half performance and a ridiculous penalty to concede.  At half time I usually go see My Old Man, who sits further up from me in the Leazes End.  We discussed the first half and I said that I would bring Shola and Hatem Ben Arfa on.  The game definitely needed changing.  I have absolute faith in the Mackem Slayer and knew that if he was brought on as a substitute that he would score!

I even said it to Me Fatha!

The second half started with Ben Arfa replacing Davide Santon in a shrewd tactical move by Alan Pardew.  Ben Arfa was a game changer as he put the Mackems on the back foot for the entirety of the second half.

After 58 minutes Tim Krul showed his class yet again as he made an incredible double save, with either leg, to stop the SMB doubling their lead, first preventing Sebastian Larsson and James McClean’s follow up effort.

That was swiftly followed by pathetic incident which saw Stephane Sessegnon sent off for lashing out at Tiote, who reacted slowly before throwing himself onto the floor and rolling about as if he’d been hit by a sniper.  Sessegnon had to be dismissed but Cheick Tiote’s reaction was embarrassing!

"Go on you Sad Mackem Bastard, fuck off!"

It was written in the stars though and on 72 minutes Shola replaced Papiss Cisse.  We could still win this and the Mackem Slayer was destined to strike again!

A couple of minutes later Mignolet was forced to pull off a quality save from Hatem Ben Arfa as his amazing mazey run left McClean and Turner scratching their empty Mackem heads before unleashing his shot.

Before we were eventually award our 82nd minute penalty, we had two penalty shouts ignored after a hand-ball appeal and an incident with Ben Arfa being brought down by McClean, who was lucky to still be on the pitch.  Shola got into the Mackem’s box and skinned Larsson before McClean brought the mighty Mackem Slayer to the ground as he was being beaten and starting to have a shambolic afternoon.  We were going wild!  Surely this was to be the moment Shola got his goal.  He never misses penalties and almost always scores past Sunderland!

But who steps up?  Demba fukkin Ba!  I was raging and screaming!  It had to be Shola’s!  He was destined to score, for fuck’s sake!  Not Demba Ba, Shola the Mackem Slayer!

I had a sickening feeling, I knew what was about to happen!  Demba Ba’s penalty was weak and Mignolet had no trouble in palming it out for a corner.  We stood staring in disbelief.  How could that happen?  TV footage shows clearly though that Mignolet was well off his line and technically the penalty should have had to be re-taken.  My main gripe wasn’t with that though, it was Shola’s destiny, and he had even made the penalty and had been doing to Sunderland’s defence the sort of things that Titus Bramble does to women!

I was still certain that Shola would have his moment.  He came agonisingly close to scoring with a shot that was deflected for a corner.

Then in injury time it inevitably happened!  Williamson flicked on a Yohan Cabaye cross and Shola caught Wayne Bridge sleeping at left-back and crept in to slip it past Mignolet!  Boom!  1-1 and the Geordie crowd were in raptures!

Same Old Shola, Always Scoring!

I was jumping up and down shouting that I’d fukkin told everyone and I was hugging the dudes next to me and we danced in jubilation.  We’d stuck it to these Sad Mackem Bastards!  Just like I had been adamant he would, Shola scored his seventh goal against the team he’s scored the most goals against during his Toon career!  No three points for the SMB and no bragging rights, just another season living in our shadow!

Newcastle United (Ameobi 91) 1-1 Sunderland

The full-time whistle went, but that wasn’t the end of it all.  Being a complete fukkin numpty, Lee Cattermole managed to get himself sent off after the game because he was insulting Mike Dean.  What an absolute dick-head!

"You too, fuck off!"

I’ve previously expressed my disliking of Lee Cattermole and Nicklas Bendtner in my blog but I’d like to add Frazier Campbell to list of Mackem bastards that I particularly dislike.  When Bendtner scored his penalty, substitute Campbell was running up and down the touch-line fists pumping and goading the crowd.  Games like this can become very hostile and players should be punished by the FA for behaviour like that.  Even the SMB coaching staff called him back in.

Aye, that’s right, reel your little Mackem shit-bag in!

Cattermole & Bendtner Blog

After the game Alan Pardew described Shola as “an absolute legend” and I couldn’t agree more!  He’s a local lad who bangs them in for his local club against his local rivals!

Full-Time – Newcastle United 1-1 Sunderland

Att – 52,388

Absolute Legend!


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Well, January’s almost out of the way and pay day’s on the horizon for most people.  The whole January hibernation through lack of funds thing is nearing it’s end and people are soon to be flush again for February.  So you’re about to have more collateral than you know what to do with and are gonna be looking for ways to spend it.

Welly welly well then…  If you’re a fan of good music I can help you out.  I’m gonna give you a list of shit worth checking out through February.

My Gig!

On Friday 3rd February I’m running my first gig since I sacked my band.  Flying solo now!  I’ve got live music from a personal favourite of mine, The Stroll.  If this is the first you’ve heard of them, then you haven’t been fukkin listening!  I’ve been raving about these since I first seen them play in December.  There’ll be an acoustic set from the extremely talented Artisam.  I’ve worked with Artisam a few times now and they always entertain.  I’ve also got Hip Hop in the form of Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze, who performed at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in the summer and are pure fukkin genius!  Read my review of ‘Action Man’ and watch the video.  They’re gonna be joined by special guest performer Eliza Lawson, who featured on ‘Action Man’.  There’s also gonna be a DubStep DJ set by SubLevel2’s L87.  It’s got the potential to be a fukkin quality night like, and for only £3 to get in it’s a bargain.  There’s something to cater for everyone’s tastes and all of these acts are born entertainers, hand-picked by yours truly!

Don’t miss it!

The Telegraph - 3rd February 2012

Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze

Good news for the Hip Hop fans with a sense of fun, Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze are spread all over February like a venereal disease (rhyme, BOOM!).  It’s seriously non-stop with these two.  In between working on their EP and constantly making new videos, they’ve got a shit-load of gigs!  They’ll be heading straight from my gig at The Telegraph on Friday 3rd to Durham University to perform there, how’d ya like that?  Proper fukkin Rockstar style!  For your average people that might prove a struggle, but The Baron’s got that fancy watch and has been treating the space time continuum like his bitch since the 1800s!

They’re also performing on Thursday 9th at The Head of Steam, Newcastle, for Sublevel2, Friday 24th at China Bull in a Warehouse in association with Guerilla Events at W34 on Walker Road, Newcastle, then at the O2 Academy, Newcastle on Saturday 25th with Rossi Noise and on Tuesday 28th somewhere in Middlesbrough, details still need confirmed.  It’s a very busy month for The Baron and Breeze so there’s plenty of opportunities to see them in action.

Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze

Emergency Door Release

February also brings the much anticipated debut of Emergency Door Release.  They’re gonna be performing at The Dog and Parrot in Newcastle on Saturday 11th.  If you’re one of those people that love to say “I was there when…” then you’ll wanna be at this, a band only ever makes one debut appearance.

Emergency Door Release are a band with bags of potential and it’s good to see them get back on track after their original drummer let them down.  If they hadn’t had the dedication and determination to carry on after that then a load of talent would have gone to waste!  They’re also recording in February so an EP is in the pipe-line.

Emergency Door Release are also playing in the Redcar Battle of the Bands on Friday 17th February.  Entry to this is just £5.

Emergency Door Release


SubLevel2 is staged on a fortnightly Thursday at The Head of Steam in Newcastle.  The dates for this month are 9th and 23rd.

SubLevel2 is a night of Hip Hop, DubStep, Jungle, Drum and Bass and everything in between, powered by the mighty 8kw bass heavy Defcon1 sound system.

Some of the main highlights are Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze, Rick Fury and of course L87.  Entry to Sublevel2 is only £4.


SoundWave Music Competition Final

The SoundWave Music Competition had 154 applications and now only six acts remain.  Competing in the final are; Below The Bridge, WildThorn, The McQues, Hypnotix State, Jane & Adam, as well as my own personal favourites, The Stroll.

Tickets are only £5 and can be purchased online at –

The Stroll


Friday 3rd

MY TELEGRAPH GIG – The Telegraph, Newcastle.  Entry £3.

Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze – Durham University, Durham.


Thursday 9th

SubLevel2 – The Head of Steam, Newcastle.  Entry £5.


Saturday 11th

SoundWave Music Competition Final – O2 Academy, Newcastle.  Tickets £5.

Emergency Door Release (debut gig) – The Dog and Parrot, Newcastle.  Entry £4.


Wednesday 15th

Bleech with The Shake Appeal – The Independent, Sunderland.  Tickets £5 (plus booking fee).


Friday 17th

Redcar Battle of the Bands – The Citz Club, Redcar.  Entry £5.


Thursday 23rd

SubLevel2 – The Head of Steam, Newcastle.  Entry £5.


Friday 24th

China Bull in a Warehouse in association with Guerilla Events – W34, Walker Road, Newcaste.  Entry £4 – £5.50.


Saturday 25th

Rossi Noise with Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze – O2 Academy, Newcastle.  Entry £5.


Tuesday 28th

Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze – Somewhere in Middlesbrough…. somewhere.


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I’ve been putting together some live music events in Newcastle upon Tyne and I’m always on the lookout for new acts to perform at these events.  If you are in a band, or even a solo artist, and are looking for gigs, get in touch.

The music I am looking for is not genre specific.  However, I would like to avoid whiny, generic Indie Pop bands that lack individuality.  Ideally I want bands that can bring something unique and fresh to the table.  So if you’re a band that is trying to imitate The Beatles, Muse, and Coldplay etc…, then don’t bother because I’m looking for something new and different!

Please send an email to – or alternatively, leave a comment on this blog.

In the email or comment please state your name, contact details and your bands name with a link to where I can listen to some examples of your music online (without having to like any pages or anything first!).

Ginger Snap & The Style Pile

The Telegraph – Saturday 3rd March 2012

I am still looking to confirm a couple of acts for my gig at The Telegraph (Orchard Street, Newcastle) on Saturday 3rd March.  Currently I have Ginger Snap & The Style Pile and Emergency Door Release confirmed to perform at that event.

The artists involved in this event will be paid a share of the door profit if enough people attend.  Entry to this event will be priced at £3 and to break even the event will need approximately sixty people to attend (this figure may be higher than actually required depending on costs).

Check out the two bands I already have confirmed by clicking on their names below.

Ginger Snap & The Style Pile

Emergency Door Release

If you would like to be considered to perform at this event then please contact me as soon as possible, either by commenting on this blog or by email on –

The Stroll

The Bridge Hotel – Wednesday 4th April 2012

I also have The Bridge Hotel (Castle Square, Newcastle) booked for an event on Wednesday 4th April, which is my birthday.  This is almost certainly going to be a fundraising event for charity.  I am currently in the process of confirming the details with the chosen charity.  If this is the case, then the artists involved will be expected to perform for free to show support for the chosen charity.  The entire profit from this event will be donated to charity.  Hopefully I will have all of the finer details relating to this confirmed in the very near future.

I will be looking to have four or maybe five acts to perform sets at this event.  Currently I have already confirmed The Stroll.  Check them out by clicking on their name below.

The Stroll

If you would like to be considered to perform at this event then please contact me as soon as possible, either by commenting on this blog or by email on –

Battle of the Bands 2012

Heat 2 of the Battle of the Bands, Coatham Bowl – Friday 20th January 2012

There may also be a place available for an act to perform at the Battle of the Bands, at Coatham Bowl in Redcar, tomorrow.

I had put The Mojags forward for it but they dropped me in it recently and decided they don’t want to do it anymore.  So if you can get to Redcar for half past five-ish on Friday and would like to compete in the Battle of the Bands, in a great venue, for the chance to win a recording deal and £3000 cash, as well as helping to raise money for two charities, then get in touch NOW.

Details of this event can be found on their website or on Facebook on the links below.  You may be better off sending a message to Sherry Clark on Facebook if you want to perform at this event as it is Sherry who is organising the Battle of the Bands.

Battle of the Bands Website

Battle of the Bands Facebook

Coatham Bowl is an awesome venue with an impressive history and this could be a chance for a band to perform in front of an audience comprised of followers of six or seven other acts.  Even if you don’t progress to the next stage, it is a valuable opportunity to increase your fan base.  So why not have a crack at it?

The Telegraph - 3rd February 2012

Future Events…

I will continue to run events at The Telegraph on a monthly basis and also regular events at The Bridge Hotel, as well as looking to secure other venues and expand into other areas outside of Newcastle.

If you want to be considered for future events, please get in touch by sending an email to – or alternatively, leaving a comment on this blog.

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