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A Public Service Announcement

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We’re at the middle of the month and musically there’s still a lot on offer this month. Depending on where Ed Zachary you’re based and/or how far you’re willing to travel in the quest of good music then you could be in for a treat with live performances from some of my favourite acts from across the region making appearances at various venues, including BiG BEAT BRONSON headlining the last Mallaz presents… live music event, Teesside-based Head Of Light Entertainment gracing Sunderland twice and Emergency Door Release’s second EP launch party. There’s also a couple of good night’s out in Newcastle to be had.

With this blog I’ll give you the run-down on some of the musical happenings in the region that get the ‘two thumbs up’ from me. The key event of this month for me though is obviously the last live music event that I intend on organising for the foreseeable future. I have put everything in place for my final event, an exclusive ticket only affair at The Bridge Hotel headlined by Big Beat Bronson on Friday 28th September. Tickets for this event must be bought in advance and are only available from

Mallaz presents… BiG BEAT BRONSON (Exclusive & Intimate) at The Bridge

After regularly running live music events in Newcastle since the beginning of the year, tickets are now available for the final Mallaz presents… event for the foreseeable future. I’ve decided to put my promotional career on hold to pursue more creative ventures and deviant misadventures.

My last live music event will be an EXCLUSIVE TICKET ONLY event held at The Bridge Hotel (map) on Friday 28th September.

Mallaz presents… BiG BEAT BRONSON (Exclusive & Intimate) at The Bridge will be a TICKET ONLY event and tickets must be purchased in advance from one of the individual links at where each act has a separate link with their ticket allocation so that ticket sales can be accurately monitored and acts fairly paid. No cash will be handled on the door at the venue and there will be STRICTLY NO ADMISSION WITHOUT TICKETS, which are exclusively available from

Three acts will be performing at this exclusive showcase and the curtain call on Mallaz presents… live music events. They are three acts whose musical talent I hold in very high regard.


(ticket link)

Headlining this exclusive finale is, perhaps fittingly, Newcastle’s hottest musical prospect BiG BEAT BRONSON. Before UK Hip Hop’s Dynamic Duo Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze officially joined forces with the exceptionally talented vocalist Eliza Lawson & DJ Lkp, Baron & Breeze were performing as a pairing before Eliza became involved, often appearing as a guest vocalist just as she did when Baron, Breeze and Eliza performed a set at my first official event at The Telegraph in Newcastle on Friday 3rd February.

BiG BEAT BRONSON recently released their EP entitled May Contain Nuts and sold out The O2 Academy 2 for the EP’s launch night in August. They have not only been my favourite artists to work with over this short period of time but also the act to have made the most progression. Bands have lost and replaced members, some have even split and some have simply failed to gig and have faded into obscurity, whereas BiG BEAT BRONSON have gone from strength to strength and received acclaimed reviews.


(ticket link)

Supporting BiG BEAT BRONSON are Teesside’s premier skiffletronica act Werbeniuk, a band that have a unique set-up consisting of 4 singers, 3 drummers, 2 Basses, guitar, samples and percussion. They are a gathering of 80s, 90s and 00s Teesside music scene stalwarts singing songs about sheep, nuns and vomit. Werbeniuk’s brilliantly individualistic style combines wonderful use of percussion, expertly composed rhythm and intensely clever lyrics. Described by NARC magazine as “Bonkers … batshit … brilliantly mental”, Werbeniuk’s honest approach to music makes their sound highly addictive.

Gingersnap & The Style Pile

(ticket link)

Also in support I have Gingersnap & The Style Pile. Newcastle-based party band Gingersnap & The Style Pile play a unique fusion of Upbeat Soul, Funk and Reggae. This summer the five-piece act graced The Green Stage at Newcastle’s Community Green Festival and recently supported Teesside-based Head Of Light Entertainment in another ‘Mallaz presents…’ event at The Cluny 2, one of Newcastle’s most reputable live music venues.

This last ‘Mallaz presents…’ event is an EXCLUSIVE TICKET ONLY event and tickets must be purchased in advance through using the individual links for each acts allocation of tickets. STRICTLY NO ADMISSION WITHOUT TICKETS.

(Individual links for each act’s ticket allocation)


Werbeniuk –

Gingersnap & The Style Pile –

Grapevine at The Dog & Parrot


Grapevine is a night of Motown, Soul, Doo-Wop and Northern Soul music hosted by four of my friends, two of who are actually former flatmates of mine, and is staged at The Dog & Parrot once a fortnight, on the first and third Friday of the month.

The next Grapevine event is on Friday 21st September and will feature classic footage on the projector wall, a hardwood dancefloor, a roof terrace, drinks offers and our incomparable selection of music – all for just £3 on the door. (Facebook Event)

Follow Grapevine at The Dog & Parrot.

Facebook –

Twitter – (@Grapevine_4)

Head Of Light Entertainment in Sunderland Twice

Unique and quirky Teesside-based Head Of Light Entertainment began life as a solo act with just Carl Green but has now grown into a quartet with the debut of their new drummer Graeme at the latest Mallaz presents… live music event at The Cluny 2 at the arse-end of last month. Head Of Light Entertainment are an outrageously talented act combining their distinctive bouncy Head Pop with some of the most intelligent and witty lyrics that you’ll ever likely hear. I also suspect that there is more than simply tryin to progress their sound that can be attributed to Head Of Light Entertainment’s line-up steadily increasing in numbers. Along with the other two band members Simone and John, I have found them to be some of the most down-to-earth, genuine, friendly and sociable musicians I have ever met.

I would highly recommend getting down to a live Head Of Light Entertainment performance and staring at the band as they perform, even if it does mean travelling down to the land that time forgot and that’s Ed Zachary where you can catch them this month. Firstly, they perform at Sunderland’s Bar One on Thursday 20th September and secondly, the following week on Thursday 27th September, Head Of Light Entertainment will play at The Ivy House Pub in Sunderland.

I’d also urge you to invest in their two albums I Am Liberated and The English Don’t Care, the second of which may be the most expertly crafted work of art the region has produced since John Martin’s painting The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

SubLevel2 sponsored by Redemption Clothing

On Saturday 22nd September at The Head of Steam in Newcastle is SubLevel2. They’re now sponsored by, as worn by yours truly. Join SubLevel2 for a night of Hip Hop, Dub and Drum & Bass from 11pm until 3am. Entry for this event is free.

Before that there is another SubLevel2 event this coming Monday (17th September). This is another free event also held at The Head of Steam. Monday night Reggae and Dub takes place between 10pm-2am.

Emergency Door Release – Bowties & Butterflies EP Launch

For those seeking an evening’s entertainment for tomorrow you need look no further than The Cluny 2, where another local favourite of mine Indie Pop band Emergency Door Release host the launch of their second EP Bowties & Butterflies. Emergency Door Release only began performing live this year but in March released their debut EP, Who Are We?

(Click here for my review of Who Are We?)

Emergency Door Release will be supported by The Mojags and Greg Genre & Box Box and tickets are only £5 available from until late tonight. Entry will then be payable on the door for those without tickets.

For tickets –

Hopefully these events cater for your live North East entertainment for the remainder of the month.


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Mallaz presents….


Tonight at The Cluny 2, Newcastle I bring you Teesside’s finest Alt-Pop act Head Of Light Entertainment plus support from three exceptional local acts.

Head Of Light Entertainment come up from Teesside to headline tonight’s event debuting their brand new drummer in their first outing as a four-piece. Already an exceptional band before their latest addition, this performance promises to be a historic gig n the history of Head Of Light Entertainment, who have already build a highly credible reputation on Teesside and seek to expand their reach further afield and earn the recognition they deserve.

Check them out on this LINK

Support will be provided by (in alphabetical order) Awkward Weed, Gingersnap & The Style Pile & People Making Noises.

Washington-based acoustic comedy pairing Awkward Weed have been likened a local version of Flight of the Concords and certainly made waves and instigated uncontrollable bouts of laughter during their performances at my Order 66 live music events. If you like your music with a comic twist you’ll love Awkward Weed.

Check them out on this LINK

Now under the management by yours truly, that’s me (Mallaz) in case you’re unfamiliar with that phrase, Gingersnap & The Style Pile have performed events for me on several occasions since I discovered them at The Bridge Hotel just before Christmas and dubbed them ‘Newcastle’s Ultimate Party Band’ due to their funky sound and the upbeat vide they create with each and every performance. In recent times they have performed at Newcastle’s Community Green Festival on the main stage and supported the legendary BiG BEAT BRONSON in July at Mallaz presents… BiG BEAT BRONSON, BBB’s first live performance under their new name, a gig that all but sold out.  Gingersnap & The Style Pile will also debut a new member with Dan replacing Andy in their wind section. Expect Funky sounds and dancing crowds as standard with The Style Pile.

Check them out on this LINK

Last but not least by any means, South Tyneside-based People Making Noises will be not only debuting a new band member but will be gracing the stage as a group for the very first time. Having heard their recordings and being impressed I had no qualms recruiting them for this event and providing them with this opportunity. However due to never actually seeing them perform live, People Making Noises could be classed as tonight’s wildcard and in my opinion, you should always keep an open mind to new music.

Check them out on this LINK

Tickets for this event are no longer available online so on the door entry is charged at £4 payable in cash. If you did purchase online tickets, please DO NOT FORGET to bring the reference number that you were provided upon buying the ticket/s. Failure to provide the required reference number could result in being charged door price for admission or refused entry.


Announcements of my next live music event will be made tomorrow on this blog until I rectify my current issues with

Hopefully see you all tonight.

Betting Tips Week 2

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Welcome back to my old blog. I’ll be using this for random wittering and to continue my usual useless weekly betting tips over the near future. This is due to now being completely fucked and in a transitional period.


This is now my second week of football betting tips of the 2012-2013 season. Last week my ten pound four-fold tip Arsenal to beat Sunderland, Newcastle to beat Tottenham, Blackpool to win at Millwall and Sheffield United to beat Shewsbury. Other than Arsenal, who faild o get th better of Sunderland all of the games that I tipped were correct last weekend. Unfortuntely if one game is wrong you won’t get paid so after the first week of my shite betting tips this season you are already £10 out of pocket.


My £10 four-fold tip this weekend is as follows;

Manchester United to beat Fulham (3/10)

Tottenham to beat West Brom (4/7)

Leeds to win at Peterbrough (11/10)

Blackpool to beat Ipswich (13/10)


With Bet Victor a £10 four-fold pays £98.60 at decimal odds of 9.86.

These tips are late being published and if you followed last weeks then you will already be out of pocket. Good luck this week and hopefully will be back up and running in the very near future. Thanks for your patience.


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It’s been a while since I forced my musical recommendations upon thee, so I thought “might as well pop one oot real soon!”

First up though, a brief run through the cream of the crop from my previous recommendations.

The best of the lot, not just my opinion but that of my trusted advisors too, is Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze.  I’d also like to pop Eliza Lawson into the equation here too.  This is an act I have now seen perform live on numerous occasions and every single one of those has been incredible.  Baron and Breeze are like the Dynamic Duo of UK Hip Hop, which must make Eliza the Batgirl.  Anyway, Baron Von Alias is a genius!  He also has the eyes of a shrew, which explains the shades!  This duo are putting the fun back into music and their live performances are unbelievable.  Watching this act perform, you can tell they are having fun and you can’t help but get involved.  Eliza Lawson is the perfect complement to this pair too, her vocals add that extra dimension to tracks such as ‘Action Man’ and she has taken to Baron and Breeze’s fun-loving vibe like a duck to water.  That’s not to say that this act is all about their performance value, because their music is the tits!  Everyone who I’ve made listen to ‘Action Man’ immediately thinks it’s class, even those that don’t even really like Hippety Hop.  Listen to ‘It’s OK’ as that is basically Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze telling you what I just did, only in their words with a wicked backing track.  Watch their videos on YouTube too.  Baron, Breeze and Eliza performed at my last event and went down a treat!  I’m even going to see them at the O2 Academy, supporting Rossi Noise, on the 25th February.  I bet you’re gutted you’re not!

Next up is the legend that is Swede Mason.  His video collages are an audio visual spectacle to behold.  Possibly the most underrated genius in entertainment today.  His ‘Schofield on Crack’ video stirred up a bit of controversy and led to Thames TV making him remove the video from his YouTube channel.  His ‘Tribute to Schofield on Crack’ video is an outstanding response to Thames TV’s lack of humour and “clearly implies, up yours!”  Swede Mason uses Final Cut and Logic to cut videos to create an audio collage and add some beats.  The result is awesome tracks and amusing videos of a standard you won’t witness anywhere else.  His track ‘Jungle All The Way’ features samples taken from the Arnold Schwarzenegger film ‘Jingle All The Way’ and reached #1 in both the Electronic and Jungle charts and is still Soundclick’s top Jungle track.

Another act I have seen perform live on several occasions now is Alternative Indie Rock band The Stroll.  Recently they have twice been pipped in battle of the bands competition finals by The McQues, despite being better than The McQues both live and on record in my opinion.  Of the tracks that they have so far released, I find it difficult to pick a favourite between ‘Different Tune, Different Mood’ and ‘Searching’, which is “about looking for stuff.”  The Stroll’s front-man, Josh Pringle, has an incredible ability with lyrics and this band has a very 90s Brit Pop flavour to them, kush!  The other three members of the band are Paul Heslop on guitar, Jack Brown on bass and Ben Gash the drummer.  If The Stroll failed to make it big in music Gashy could always fall back on being a stand-up comedian with his bad taste jokes, although, if I was him, I’d do it sitting down behind something so that the audience don’t notice that his body is proportionately similar to that of Orville the Duck.

Last up, Emergency Door Release.  Emergency Door Release are “setting off alarms everywhere” and are the freshest prospect, and most possibly the saviour, of the Newcastle Indie Pop Rock scene.  This four-piece Indie Pop Rock band consists of James Rooney on vocals and guitar, Adam McMeiken on guitar, David Lloyd on bass and Daniel Moktari on drums.  Emergency Door Release suffered some set-backs confirming their final line-up but they kicked off their live career very recently supporting Dave Giles at the Cluny2 in Newcastle on Valentines Day.  They also recently released ‘Who Are We?’ the final track from their forthcoming EP, also titled ‘Who Are We?’  So expect big things from this highly driven and ambitious Indie Pop Rock act, and be sure to check them out at my next live music event at The Telegraph on Saturday 3rd March, not only because that’s a gig that I am running, but also because that is when Emergency Door Release have chosen to release the ‘Who Are We’ EP on CD, so don’t miss that!


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Apparently there was some controversy surrounding Heat 2 of the Battle of the Bands, at Coatham Bowl in Redcar, on Friday.  Now my view of what has supposedly happened is totally independent and objective, as I have no involvement with the Battle of the Bands, Roundel Events or any of the bands that were involved.  I have been in full support of the Battle of the Bands.  It’s a valuable opportunity for artists to perform in a great venue in front of new people and expand their fan bases and networks, as well as helping to regenerate the music scene in Redcar and the North East as a whole.  Also before I go any further, I would like to state that I was not at the event and I am writing based on the information currently at my disposal.

Battle of the Bands 2012

The acts that competed in the second heat were; Paul Woods, The Panoramic, The Method, Raging Jupiter, D-Fault and The Kill.  The two bands who progressed to the next stage of the competition were The Method and The Kill.

The Kill

Check out The Kill’s website or listen to them and like them on Facebook.

The Kill website –

The Kill’s Facebook page –

Unfortunately I am unable to find anything by The Method that you can listen to without having to like their page, so I’m not going to bother with links for them.

If you read my previous blog, , then you would know I have no time for acts that make you like them before you can even listen to anything by them.

Apparently the main issues with Friday’s heat were with the sound and the judging, but also that certain bands were allowed to play far longer than the allocated twenty-five minute sets.  After Friday’s event Sherry Clark, the organiser of the Battle of the Bands competition, made the following statement on Facebook.

“I am apologizing for the way the battle turned out tonight complaints about sound and judges comments the judging is out my hands I had no say over any of it”

There has been some very interesting statements made relating to this second heat, as well as some very idiotic and petty remarks, however Sherry has been far from vocal on the matter.  The only other statement currently released by anyone connected with the organisational team behind the Battle of the Bands was by Leanne Parvin yesterday afternoon, also on Sherry’s Facebook page, which read;

“To all bands competing in heat 2 of battle of the bands. It has been raised to the attention of roundell promotions that there has been a few complaints about timeing issues, these problems had a knock on effect. Unfortunatley The Method played a set 10 minutes short so the following band (raging Jupiter) were asked to fill the space. We would like to apologise for the fact raging Jupiter played over there alloted time through no fault of there own. This then left a knock on effect to the rest of the bands. It has also been drawn to our attention that the result had been fixed. Roundell promotions were in fact using impartial judges and can not be held responsible for the judges decisions. At the end of the evening two of the senior members of roundel promotions got up and sang a final song with the final band (the kill). People are preserving this as a biased action when in fact it was just a spur of the moment thing and we thought it would end a fantastic evening with something to talk about it is regardless of which band it was sang with. Roundel promotions would like to apologise for how this looked but we assure you there was no favouritism as every single band did a fantastic performance. We would like no hard feelings to come of this as we wish you all the very best and look forward to working with you all in the future.
Roundell Promotions team”

My main concern with this is that The Method also played in the first heat on Friday 13th January, and they failed to get through then.  I fail to see why one band should be given two attempts at progression to the next stage.  Also, after reading Leanne’s statement, I noticed that The Method played ten minutes less than the twenty-five they were allocated. If they didn’t even fill the required set then they should not have been allowed to progress.  They must have only managed fifteen minutes.

The Method

Regarding the promoters getting on stage with The Kill, who were the last act on the evening, I would have no issue with that, or that they ran over time, but maybe the promoters would have been better off announcing the results before performing with the band that was to progress to the next round.

According to what Chris Parvin said on Shelly’s Facebook page, which is where most of the debate relating to the Battle of the Bands has taken place, “if you took any notice at all you would see Leanne had the results in her hand before her and Sherry got up to sing.”  In my opinion they should have announced the results and then done their song as a celebration.  That would have saved any accusations of bias towards The Kill.

As I mentioned earlier there has been some interesting statements made and also there has been some good questions asked.  Josh Cooper asked “Why did the last band play for over a full hour with 15mins to set up?”  That was a long time before Leanne Parvis’ statement.  He still does not seem to have been given a credible response or any firm answers to his question.  He also made the point, “Even if it was totally by accident, it’s a massive middle finger to everyone else who rushed onto the stage with their gear and had to squeeze all their best stuff into a really short set.” and then went on to claim, “there was also alot of shitty underhandedness that went on”.  It was that comment that provoked Sherry Clark’s only response to the questions and accusations so far, to which she merely responded, “What under handedness please explain”.

By this point the accusations that the competition was rigged had already been made and Sherry failed to acknowledge or respond to said accusations.  Pug Vee-dub from D-Fault had earlier claimed that the event was “Fixed from the beginning , we were told wen we walked thru the door that the kill wud win”.  However, Pug’s credibility is extremely questionable after his following comments.  Remember I mentioned the idiotic and petty statements earlier?  Well I’ll get onto this muppet shortly, but first back to Josh Cooper, as he seems to be the most intelligent person asking questions about what happened or voicing an opinion on the matter.  Josh states that The Kill “got on at 20 past 10, and got off at half past 11.”  He then explains, “Basically Sherry, it’s a little bit fucking suspicious that the band who got by FAR the most time to set up and play, and also had the organizers perform with them, ended up being joint winners of the heat. There were whispers of that exact thing happening as soon as I walked through the door, people were already talking about it. I’m not even slightly surprised to be honest, it’s just a shame you can’t own up to your own bullshit.”

I also wholeheartedly agree when Josh says that the organisers need to take responsibility for what happened.  The organiser’s silence does not reflect well on them.  From a neutral point of view, there are questions that need to be answered and I feel that Roundel Promotions should make a statement before they run the risk of this competition becoming a shambles.

Now to get back to Pug Vee-dub, from D-Fault, and the petty, idiotic comments.  He’s been very vocal regarding what went on on Friday and not in a constructive way at all.  From his childish and pathetic statements and needless insults, I get the impression that he’s a sad, pathetic, sour little twat!  I’ll get round to giving you some examples of his bitching but first I would like to quote Mark Heslehurst, who said the following on Sherry Clark’s Facebook page.

” The band that came last slinging all this mud Hmm…Firstly all new business is a learning curve in saying that I was there at 3 PM and everyone was working hard to get this right…And have you thought how much not just time but finances Sherry has invested to bring live music back to redcar… thing all you bands you should bring more people with you—I thought it was a great night had by all……….This will grow and grow !!!!!battle of the bands will grow and Redcar will win !”

Firstly, I couldn’t agree more when it comes to bands needing to bring larger crowds to gigs.  Also I know from personal experience how much hard work is involved in arranging and promoting gigs, so an event of this magnitude obviously requires a hell of a lot of work on Sherry’s part and she has done a great job to pull it off in the first place and make it happen.  Mistakes have been made though, and certain issues need addressed.  Lessons can be learnt from these first two heats and hopefully the rest of the competition will run smoothly.

As for this mug Pug from D-Fault, according to Mark Heslehurst, D-Fault were the band who finished last and Pug has done D-Fault absolutely no favours with his sad pathetic comments.  Here’s a few examples of what not to say if you don’t want to come across as a daft cunt!

” Fuck off you really dont have a clue do ya , ive never played at such a nadly run and organised event and hopefully wont again ,, its like the nlind leadin the blind” – The spelling mistakes are Mug Vee-d’s not mine.

“Good put it out of its misery” – After someone said, “at this rate if u all keep going on they won’t be a final.”

“Hahahaha micky mouse contract” – Mocking the recording contract that is part of the prize for the winners of the Battle of the Bands competition.  The competition that he and his band entered!

“obv they r all on fuckin drugs or cant tell the time or retarded or more likely all 3” – Childish, to say the least!

“How bigs that spliff uve just mate hahaha” – Yet more pathetic accusations of drug use by those who disagree with Mug Vee-D.

“Your all on fuckin summat cos u aint on the same planet as us thats for sure” – And continuing to go round in sad little circles.

“We cudnt give 2 fucks who won , we knew from the start we didnt stand a chance , we are tge most unegotistical band ever , we play for the fun of it and dont take it seriously one little bit.” – This comment came after almost ten hours of crying like a bitch and making a show of himself on Sherry’s Facebook page!

And just to top it all off – “anyway some of us have real lives to be gettin on with , u lot just carry on takin whatever fuckin drugs your all and drift away to your cozy little bubble.”What an absolute fukkin bell-end!!!

Pug Vee-dub of D-Fault

At the end of the day though, this competition is a fantastic opportunity for the bands involved to perform at a great venue in front of people who may other-wise never hear of them.  It is also good for the live music scene in the North East.  Hopefully lessons have been learnt and the rest of the competition will run smoothly.


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Well, Friday was the first heat in the Battle of the Bands competition, being held at Coatham Bowl in Redcar.  Eight acts were whittled down to two in what was a highly entertaining night.

Battle of the Bands 2012

We went down by train on the Friday afternoon and stayed in a bed and breakfast in Redcar.  The train journey was the start of the fun.  We missed our stop at Darlington, where we were supposed to change to a connecting train to Redcar.  We ended up in fukkin York of all places, I’m really not keen on York!  It was my fault like, but I’m blaming my lack of awareness on the fact I was shattered because I received a stupid and pointless phone call at 4am on Friday morning and was then needlessly woken up again at 8am by the gas man.  Anyway, we ended up having to get off at York because we missed Darlington and we then had to go from York and change at Thornaby, or some random place I’ve never heard of, on the way to Redcar.  Inconvenient, yet highly amusing!

We checked in to the bed and breakfast then headed straight to Coatham Bowl for the competition.  Obviously we were late, getting there about half eight to nine-ish, and therefore missed the first few acts.

I was both tired and a bit smashed by the time we got there, but when we arrived James Arthur was performing.  We only caught a brief bit of his solo acoustic set.  Singer, song-writer and producer James Arthur was one of the two acts to progress to the next stage of the competition.  Check him out on Facebook on the following link;

James Arthur

The other act to qualify for the next stage were Sailors and Saints.  Unfortunately we missed them… I think.  As I mentioned earlier, we arrived pretty late.  Check out Sailors and Saints on Facebook on the next link;

Sailors and Saints

Coatham Bowl is a really impressive venue.  It’s got a good stage and plenty of room for the audience, as well as the sound being high quality.  Sherry Clark is trying to regenerate the music scene in Redcar and I greatly appreciate her effort and the motivation behind what she is trying to do.  What’s good for Redcar music is good for North East music in general.  Show Sherry, Coatham Bowl, the regions music and two great charities support by coming to any of the heats and/or the final on Friday 9th March 2012.  Every Friday, until 9thMarch, some of the North East’s best bands and solo artists will compete against each other whilst raising money for two charities, TFM Cash for Kids and SANE.  Entry to any of the Heats is priced at a bargain £5 payable on the door.

If my memory and my badly scrawled notes serve me rightly, there was a band named Chasing Wilson, who performed a decent cover of Franz Ferdinand‘s ‘Take Me Out‘.  You can look Chasing Wilson up on Facebook but you can’t hear any music by them without liking their page so I’m not going to bother with a link.  How do you know you’re gonna like a band if you can’t hear anything by them?  They also have a Myspace page, but that doesn’t have any music uploaded onto it so that link would also be pointless.

Chasing Wilson

One band who didn’t impress me a great deal were Rough Justice.  I’m half sure they didn’t perform any original tracks, but don’t quote me on that, and they murdered ‘Starman‘ by David Bowie.  They also performed Queen‘s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘.  It was a good cover but they failed to make it their own in anyway.  It was the same thing with ‘Under Pressure‘ by Queen and Bowie.  Rough Justice’s singer was basically a thick tashe away from being a low-budget Freddie Mercury clone.  Their image lacks individuality and, in his black vest and skin-tight, ripped white genes, the singer appears to be a Glam Rock throwback.  He didn’t help himself in the image stakes when he donned his horrid mustard yellow jacket part way through their set either.  It wasn’t through lack of ability that Rough Justice failed to impress though, they all possess musical talent and the singer displayed plenty of vocal talent.  It was their lack of individuality that did it for them.  They just simply failed to give us anything we haven’t seen or heard before.  Rough Justice are another band who have no music for you to listen to online, so I won’t bother with links for them either.

Rough Justice

If you’ve been following my blog then you will know that the main band I went to see play at the Battle of the Bands was The Stroll, a four-piece Alternative Rock band from Durham.  I absolutely fukkin love The Stroll and they were every bit as impressive as I remember from when my old band played with them at LYH in December.  It was another energetic performance from an incredibly talented band who possess bags of potential.  They ended an epic set with my personal favourite ‘Different Tune, Different Mood‘, which is perfect for having yourself a little dance to.  We were told that afterwards that The Stroll missed out on qualification for the next round by only one point.  I blame that ridiculous hat that their drummer, Gashy, was wearing for costing them that point.  Of course, because I like them, I was heckling The Stroll throughout their set and they retorted with their usual amusing wit, well played.  Although Gashy did buckle and eventually took that daft hat off!  You can find The Stroll (and listen to their music!!!) on Facebook, Soundcloud and ReverbNation on these links;

Facebook –

ReverbNation –

Soundcloud –

You can also follow them on Twitter (@TheStroll1) –!/TheStroll1

Me with Josh Pringle from The Stroll

The Stroll are competing in another battle of the bands this Friday, this time at Seen on Beaumont Street in Darlington (they get themselves about a bit, don’t they?).  So if you’re not going to Heat 2 of the Coatham Bowl Battle of the Bands, then go to that instead!  You can find more details of that event on Facebook on this link;

I’ve also got The Stroll headlining my next gig at The Telegraph on Orchard Street in Newcastle on Friday 3rd February.  More details of that gig can be found on an older post on this blog or on Facebook, links below;

My Next Gig (blog) –

Facebook –

The Telegraph - 3rd February 2012

The three other acts to compete, who I was either too late to see or too fukked to remember, were (I think…) The Blitz, Panda Lasagne and The Method.  Below are some links where you can find and listen to their music without having to like anything you aren’t able to listen to first.

The Blitz (Facebook) –

The Blitz (Myspace) –

Panda Lasagne (Facebook) –

Panda Lasagne (Soundcloud) –

The Method (EP on Soundcloud) –

And finally, here’s a link to the Facebook event for Heat 2 of the Battle of the Bands at Coatham Bowl in Redcar;


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As you should all probably know by now, I’m a massive music fan.

So I’m about to start dishin oot the musical knowledge, BOOM!!!

What’s on my calender for the New year???

Well to start with, I’ve got ‘The Mojags‘ doing a free gig with ‘Echohead‘ at The Blue Bunny Cafe in Newcastle on Saturday 7th January…. NICE!!!

And if you’ve not heard these lads, get on it!!


The Blue Bunny 7th January 2012

Then, also on my calendar is….

Saturday 7th January 2012 – The Mojags & Echohead (Free entry) The Blue Bunny Cafe

Friday 13th January 2012 – The Battle of the Bands (The Stroll) Coatham Bowl, Redcar

Friday 2oth January 2012 – The Battle of the Bands (The Mojags) Coatham Bowl,Redcar

Friday 3rd February 2012 – The Telegraph (The Stroll, Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze, L87 and Artisam)

TELEGRAPH 3rd February 2012

Saturday 3rd March 2012 – The Telegraph (Emergency Door Release + others TBC)

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