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I have now fully confirmed the line up for my gig at The Telegraph on Saturday 3rd March 2012.  It’s a very exciting line up, so it’s got the potential to be an awesome night.  For a paltry three of your British Pound Sterling, you can see four quality bands from a range of different genres perform live.

Proper fukkin bargain!

If you use Facebook the details of this event can be found using the link below.

The Telegraph - Saturday 3rd March 2012

The final confirmed line up is Ginger Snap & The Style Pile, Emergency Door Release, The Shake Appeal and Honey Chrome.

Emergency Door Release featured in one of my previous music blogs.  See the link below.

Ginger Snap & The Style Pile

Ginger Snap & The Style Pile

Ginger Snap & The Style Pile are a Funky Ska band based in Newcastle.  They are a reformation of what used to be Chrome Attic.  Fronted by the extremely talented Joanne ‘Gingersnap’ Robson, The Style Pile perform with an electric energy and generate the exciting party vibe that I personally believe Newcastle has crying out for.  Wind player Andy Strong is an incredible talent as demonstrated with his awe-inspiring work on the saxophone and clarinet.  The rest of the band comprises of Hal McCutcheon (Plank-Spank’ist), Eddie Hughes (the bass man) and Dan Deltodesco (drummer).  Their unique and up-beat sound is the ultimate treat for your eardrums.  Ginger Snap & The Style Pile have a groove that will blow your fukkin mind, so this truly is a gig you don’t want to miss!

Ginger Snap & The Style Pile are currently in the process of sorting out all of their internet profiles so to hear examples of their music check out their previous incarnation, Chrome Attic, and then like their Facebook page on the following links.

Emergency Door Release

Emergency Door Release

Emergency Door Release are a brand new Indie Rock band who are in the midst of preparing a full frontal assault on the North East music scene.  Their singer, song-writer and guitarist, James Rooney, is a driven individual with an incredible voice, which is reminiscent of Editors vocalist Tom Smith.  James’ determination and dedication has helped Emergency Door Release overcome early problems and keep the band running despite losing their original drummer.  The other members of Emergency Door Release are Adam McMeiken on guitar, David Lloyd on bass and their new drummer, Daniel Mokhtari.  Emergency Door Release are recording new material on Wednesday 8th February and also have several other live performances on their horizon.

You can catch their debut gig at The Dog and Parrot on Saturday 11th February.  Entry to that is priced at £4.  Check out the Facebook event for this on the next link.

Check out Emergency Door Release on Facebook.

The Shake Appeal

The Shake Appeal

South Tyneside based Rock four-piece, The Shake Appeal, are also in the process of recording new material.  The Shake Appeal were formed in 2010 and consist of vocalist Georgia McRae, guitarists Joseph Inskip and Jordan Johnston, Phil Morgan on bass and Matthew Cowey on drums.

Despite her cute appearance, vocalist Georgia McRae, sings with an attitude that would not be out of place in the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Be Your Own Pet.  The Shake Appeal have a vibrant flavour to their music and a cool, edgy style.  You can listen to some of their tracks on Facebook on the link below.

My personal favourite from the tracks available is ‘A Fist in my Pocket’, which for me truly captures The Shake Appeal’s grit and attitude.

If, like me, you use Twitter you can also follow The Shake Appeal on there.

The Shake Appeal – @Shake_Appeal

I actually head-hunted The Shake Appeal for this gig after they were brought to my attention by both Chay Hobson, at North-East Rehearsal-Recording, and Eesh of DLB.  I have a huge respect for both of their musical opinions and have been an admirer of The Shake Appeal for some time.

Honey Chrome

Honey Chrome

Unclassifiable by standard definitions of any genre, Honey Chrome’s unique sound is an amalgamation of several genres.  This is an act that is oozing with individuality.  Honey Chrome bring together Punk, Rock, Grunge and Electronic Pop, among many other styles, in an incredible fusion that is mind-blowing.  You need to hear what they have to offer, because no explanation will give you the full feel of what they do.  Check out their website and like their Facebook pages on the links below.

These four bands will be performing on what has the potential to be an epic night.  For a bargain price of £3 you can be a part of it.  Entry is payable on the door and the doors open at 7.30pm.  The Event is being held in the function room upstairs in The Telegraph, which is on Orchard Street, located behind Newcastle’s Central Station.

But before that…

Obviously March is still some time away yet and before that I have another event at The Telegraph scheduled for Friday 3rd February.  The February event is also charged at just £3 entry on the door.  As you can probably tell, I don’t give just any shite act a gig.  I carefully select the artists involved and unlike some promoters, I actually listen to their music before deciding to book them.  The Stroll, Baron Von Alias & MistaBreeze and Artisam will all be performing live at The Telegraph on 3rd February, and there will also be a DubStep DJ set by L87 of SubLevel2.  This is shaping up to be an epic night.  So get down, bring some friends and have some fun!

More details about this event can be found in my blog;

Or on Facebook

The Telegraph - 3rd February 2012

A couple of acknowledgements…

I’d like to say thank you to Nathan Wood of Spark FM in Sunderland for plugging my February gig at The Telegraph on his radio show.  Nathan presents The Local Music Show every Sunday from 4pm to 7pm; you can listen to it on local radio, exclusive to Sunderland on 107FM or online at

It’s usually a highly entertaining show cram-packed with low-brow humour, smut and, of course, great music from some of the best bands the region has to offer.  You might as well give it a listen, I mean, what the fuck else you gonna do after church on a Sunday???

You can follow Nathan and The Local Music Show on Twitter.

Nathan Wood – @NathanWould

107 Spark FM – @Local_Music_Pet

107 Spark FM

While I’m mentioning Twitter, I’d also like to thank Tyneside Tweets for retweeting my blog to help my friends Clair Moore and Tahti raise money for LiNK Community Development.

Clair and Tahti are hitch-hiking from Newcastle to Marrakesh in Morocco, in April, as a fundraiser for LiNK Community Development.

LiNK Community Development works at improving the quality of education in Africa and providing children with the opportunities they deserve.

Please help them to make difference by sponsoring them and/or sharing the link below, where you can make donations online.

And if you are a user of Twitter, you can follow both Tyneside Tweets and Clair Moore.

Tyneside Tweets – @TynesideTweets

Clair Moore – @clair_moore

LiNK Community Development



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My smash-bag mates Clair Moore and Tahti are hitch-hiking from Newcastle to Marrakesh, Morocco, in April to raise money for LiNK Community Development.

LiNK Community Development

Please dig deep and help Clair and Tahti to help others less fortunate.  Your donation to LiNK will go towards improving the quality of education in Africa and providing children with the opportunities they deserve.  You can make a donation by clicking on the link below and then clicking on the great big ‘Donate Now‘ button.

Fundraising Fuck-Wits Tahti & Clair.

You can find more information about LiNk and what they do on the following link.


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After a long, hard and loud weekend involving funerals, football, gigs and politics, it’s time to set a few things straight and get a couple things off my chest.

We’ll start with the antics of Oliver Holt from The Daily Mirror.  My previous blog raised an issue with Holt’s article in Wednesday’s Daily Mirror.  I was also having a debate of sorts with Holt on Twitter, although he seemed to stop responding to me when he realised that I was making a valid point.  Holt mainly seems to be responding to the arguments put forward only by bigots and simpletons and has resorted to insulting these plums in an attempt to justify his self-indulgent, attention-seeking crusade.

Holt’s article –

If it weren’t for having such a difficult weekend, I would have written this blog earlier because this clown’s really twisting my melon with the drivel he’s been spouting on Twitter.  After his article on Rooney’s Rule on Wednesday, the following day Holt tweeted “Piece by me in Mirror tomorrow too, starting with conversation I had with former top flight manager a couple of years ago…. We were watching a Premier League team’s training session and started talking about Thierry Henry, who was playing for Arsenal then… There are only two problems with Thierry Henry: he’s French and he’s black.”

Well my thoughts on this are as follows; firstly, I think this is absolute hoop!  If a racist football manager had actually said this to him, then why wait until now to mention it?  It seems all too convenient that he only brings this to light now when it supports his argument wanting to introduce positive discrimination into the process of recruiting managers for football league clubs.  As I am currently boycotting The Daily Mirror, as it ranks in the same league as The Sun and I refuse to part with my money for cheap toilet roll, I was unable to verify whether or not he chose to name and shame the offending manager.  However, I did ask him for the manager’s name or an online link to his article on Twitter and was not given a response.  So, I am assuming that he didn’t name the manager and that this is nothing but a cock and bull story fabricated to support his case.  If, however, this story is true then why does Holt refuse to name the manager?  And for what reasons has he never before mentioned this?

Holt is claiming that English football is institutionally racist and that managers from ethnic minorities are denied the opportunity to progress into football management after their playing careers are over.  Holt’s article on Wednesday was based on a conversation with ex-Arsenal footballer Paul Davis, who, as Holt even stated himself “hasn’t even bothered to put himself forward for management jobs.”

On Twitter, I asked Holt to provide me with answers to several questions.  I want to know, first and foremost, the name of the offending manager.  Secondly some examples of footballers from ethnic minorities who have actually applied for managerial positions and been denied on the basis of their race.  And finally, which clubs it was that refused to give managers opportunities based on the colour of the skin.  So far Holt has refused to dignify me with a response and I believe the reason for this is simply because his head’s stuck up his arse and everything that comes out of his worthless mouth is a lie!

Holt has created an issue where there was not an issue before.  Most people, when thinking about football managers, do not even consider the colour of their skin.  I, for one, was totally unaware that only two of the ninety-two managers in English league football are black.  A football manager’s ethnic origin has never been a concern to me.  I judge a football manager solely on the basis of his ability to manage a football team.  One example that I would like to highlight of a black football manager being given ample opportunity to prove himself as a manager is Paul Ince.  When Ince joined Blackburn Rovers as manager special dispensation had to be made allowing him to do the job.  Despite being a manager for two years, and working at two professional clubs, Macclesfield Town and Milton Keynes Dons, Ince had not obtained the necessary qualification.  Also Ruud Gullit began his managerial career at Chelsea in the top tier of the English leagues before going on to become Newcastle United manager.  Chris Hughton is another black football manager who was once in charge of Newcastle.  So, several examples can be given.  My friend, Joe Short, made an interesting statement on Facebook regarding this issue.  Joe said, “These tossers who write these arguments always seem to skip over one obvious point: there were fewer black players in days gone by, and given that most managers have played professional football at some stage in their lives (and this is the most common route into the managerial system), then clearly it follows that there aren’t likely to be many black managers kicking around right now.  Give it 10-20 years when the current crop of players have retired from playing the game and I’m damn sure we’ll see higher proportion of black managers plying their trade.”

An article by Martin Samuel worth reading –

I put it to you that Oliver Holt is a shameful antagonist and a liar!  His article was, in no way, an attempt to highlight an issue, but in fact designed to create one.  Introducing positive discrimination would only serve to create a divide between managers of different races who believe that other managers are being given opportunities they have not strived as hard for simply because their skin colour fits the right categories and ticks the right boxes to keep the PC brigade happy.  My argument is still, that nobody should be looking at another person and seeing a skin colour, they should simply see another human being and if that is not the case then the goal should be to change that person’s perception, not introduce laws and rules to force people to do things.  In my opinion Ollie Holt should be using his position to report NEWS and not stir trouble and he should quite frankly shut the fuck up!

Now that I’ve said my piece on that prick, I’d like to get into the weekend’s football.  The Toon are now fourth in the league after another clean sheet and have still taken more points off the Mackems than they have actually picked up all season, happy daze, Sunderland’s a massive club!  As an added bonus, I even racked up a few points in my fantasy football teams with another Coloccini and Steven Taylor clean sheet, goals from Agbonlahor and John Terry, and hat-tricks from both Aguero and Rooney.  NICE!

My next topic is music.  On Friday, my band Downtown Lester Brown performed with Manalishi at The Telegraph in Newcastle.  We were all sporting ‘tashes as a tribute to Joey Barton’s loyal service for the Toon over the past few years.  I’d like to wish Joey good luck at Queens Park Rangers.

DLB - Tashes for The Telegraph

The gig went well, from what I’m told.  I was so drunk that I only have a few fleeting memories of the night.  Apparently, The Telegraph was unable to handle Downtown Lester Brown’s funk and we tripped the power whilst playing our first track, Each To Their Own.  I’d like to thank everyone who attended, Wor Colin (for helping with transport), Manalishi, The Telegraph, Chay at North-East Rehearsals-Recording (for equipment hire) and, of course, the one and only Downtown Lester Brown for, what I’m told, was a good night.

Also on the subject of music, Downtown Lester Brown had a very productive day yesterday.  We released our single Empty Heed on mp3 download, which you can find on Amazon, Soundclick, CD Baby and several other sites.  We also spent last night down at North-East Rehearsals-Recording with Chay and recorded another three tracks for our debut EP ‘Love & Other Diseases’.  All went very well and thanks again to Chay.

Empty Heed by Downtown Lester Brown –

Empty Heed

Finally, I would like to pay my respects to my friend Dave Richmond, whose funeral I attended on Friday afternoon, and would encourage you to check out his charity page and please make a donation to help raise some money for Bristol Drugs Project, as this was a cause he supported wholeheartedly.

Dave’s charity page –

Fundraising page for Dave Richmond’s friends and loved ones

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"Every brother is a star, every sister is a star"

Recently my friend Dave Richmond passed away.  Dave was a great lad, genuine, caring and easy-going.  In his short time on Earth he touched so many people and was a good friend to all who knew him.

In his memory, his family, friends and myself would like to raise some money for Bristol Drugs Project, as this was a cause he supported wholeheartedly.  Dave was hoping to volunteer for them upon his return to Bristol.  As this will sadly no longer be possible, if anyone would like to honour his name by making a donation, however small, it would be gratefully received.

You can make a donation by clicking on the link above.  Please share this link for a great cause.


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