Back in Business

Thanks to the absolute fukkin incompetence of TalkTalk I’ve been living in the dark ages with no internet for almost two weeks so now I’m well behind with all of my online shenanigans and am now having to play catch up like a twat. Obviously I’m well pissed off at TalkTalk and the level of customer service I received over the course of this issue was fukkin laughable! Being well behind schedule now I’ll have to get into these cunts at some point this week. It’s not a matter that I’ll just let slide though, these pricks have seriously fucked me about!

 This is just a quick heads up on some stuff that I’ve got just about ready and should be reeling off over the next few daze. I’ve been to quite a few gigs since I last published a proper blog post so will be giving my usual patter on what I’ve been witnessing music wise, which also includes my take on Parastatic’s debut album Lost Highway which is available from –

 There’s also some political shit going on with the election of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria Police area happening on Thursday 15th November and seeing as it’s the first time in my life that I’ve been registered to vote then I’m definitely gonna have my say on which fukka sends their goons to kick the shit out of me. For more information go to –

 Obviously I’m gonna have to nail those TalkTalk bastards as well because I’m massively aggrieved by those clowns and I’ll also be releasing some details of shit that I’ve got in the pipeline, including the rebuilding of and the progress I’ve been making in setting up my own business.

Aye it’s all fukkin go now. Thank fuck for the clocks going back an hour eh? That goes a small way to buying back the two fukkin weeks TalkShit have cost me the absolute fukkin ballbags! Anyway, barring any more fuck ups from those tubes, expect to hear me spouting all kinds of shite in the imminent future!

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